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I’m MARRIED!!!!  Which means, now I can finally post pictures of all of the wedding details I had worked on for months & months before the wedding. 

But first, The Wedding.  Our perfect, beautiful, fabulous wedding.  It was everything I ever wanted and more—so much more.  It was the 10th day of October, and the weather was unbelievable gorgeous.  That morning, I woke at 6 AM to begin the frenzy of getting ready.  My bridesmaids met in my room, on the 4th floor of this gorgeous Southern mansion, so very, very early.  Hair, makeup, and getting dressed…then pictures….it was such a blur! 

We met the limo (me, my bridesmaids, my family) at the front door, and climbed in, all the way to the front (some feat given the width of my skirt).  As the limo pulled away from the curb, the many boutiques and shops of downtown Savannah whizzed by, and butterflies started to creep into my stomach.  All of these long, long months of planning…and the moment is upon us!  Only moments later, we arrived at the ceremony site, at Reynolds Square (one of Savannah’s famous downtown squares).  We all climbed back out of the car, and I began to wait…the anticipation of my wedding ceremony was heavy.  I was so excited and nervous.  All at once, it was time for my dad to walk me down the aisle….and then, in the blink of an eye, it was all over.  Just like that.  All of that planning, and it was over in a flash.  Heavens, but I wish it had lasted so much longer!  All of the months upon months of planning & crafting, for a small portion of one (wonderful) day.  And I can honestly say it was worth it, every bit.

The food was delicious, what small portion I ate of it.  Following the ceremony, we held a coffee hour, with a coffee machine making 7 different kinds of coffee, out on the square.  Mini chocolate doughnuts filled with strawberries romanoff and praline cups filled with fruit salad.  Then, a four course brunch menu followed inside the reception ballroom, at the Olde Pink House.  BLT Fried Green Tomatoes, Mixed Greens with Goat cheese fritter and champagne vinaigrette, either Shrimp & Grits or Steak & Frites, Wedding Cake, and an Ice Cream Sundae Bar.  Delicious, every bit.  And that cake…it deserves its own post later. 

What wonderful memories of that special, beautiful day!!!  I am so thankful to everyone who came to Savannah for our wedding!!  And yes, married life is wonderful  <3

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