The Blackwell Legacy

A Boutique with Backbone

The Blackwell Story

Our company stands for the empowerment, encouragement, and celebration of women in every stage of life. Successful women have an opportunity to encourage and inspire other women to do great things; empowered women will empower women. 

Our logo was inspired by butterflies; they are beautiful, graceful, and brilliant. However beautiful they are in their final stage of metamorphosis, many often overlook the hard work and change the butterfly underwent to become so stunning and graceful. Similarly, many overlook or undervalue the time, energy, and hard work women invest to become successful- but this jewelry was created specifically to celebrate you: your work, sweat, tears, joy, and vindication of becoming exactly who you are. We are proud of YOU!

Much of life is overwhelming, but remember, butterfly, the only constant in life is change. This, too, shall pass.

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