Guest Bedroom in the Making!

After my week of vacation, I felt more like myself than I had in ages!  I returned to work smiling and happy!  Over the last few days, I’ve realized all over again why that place beats me down so much.  It just becomes so obvious after a break away from it all!

What I noticed after I returned to work, was that I cannot even count how many people are filled with negative, unsupportive, and judgemental energy there.  People are just outright rude.  I mean, I think that speaks partially to their raising, but (at their age) it definitely also speaks to their level of maturity, and their personalities.  I think it’s probably one of the most difficult things to overcome across all careers- learning to deal with very difficult personalities.  Any advice??  Lord knows, I could use it.

Anyway, no matter what stresses you, I believe home should be the happy sanctuary away from the world.  I love gorgeous, jaw dropping places, but it’s gotta be comfortable enough to do whatever things make you happy.  Like I’ve said before, those things for me are my creative outlets- so I need my spaces to cook, or bake, or paint, or sew, or whatever new thing I’m into.  As my mom and I joke about what one of our relatives said, “It should be functional, not just ornamental.”  He, however, was talking about women, not interior design.  Lol!!

I also want my guests to come to a retreat when they visit- for their space to feel comfortable, relaxing, and spa-like.  I was inspired by our trip to Key West, where there was a fabulous shabby-chic-meets-seashore-inspired design, and I loved it.  So I attempted a similar look in my guest bedroom, and it’s at least a start!

Here’s the art I made to hang over the bed.  I’m gonna on paint the frame to look like driftwood- but I’ve gotta think about how to do that exactly… I bought the starfish in Key West, and painted each starfish a different shade of blue or green or somewhere in between.  Those are the shades I’m using primarily in this room, possibly with an accent of tangerine…?  Maybe?

 Here’s the two pieces I purchased a Garden Ridge in Pittsburgh- they are of coral (reminded me of the kinds we saw in Key Largo while snorkeling), but instead of looking like your typical pastel colored 1990’s style seashells, this has french stamps around the corals, and takes on a more shabby-chic look.  I will probably line these frames with linen to add to the summery feel.

Here, you can see the vignette below the coral pictures: I have collected glass in various shades of bluish green and greens, and I may eventually paint that shelf, as well.  I have a few more pieces of glass I’d like to collect, too!

 Here’s the bedding I chose to complement the starfish: the pillows are in all shades of greens and blues, to coordinate with the starfish and the glass collections.

In this picture, you can see the green detailing on the side of the duvet cover, and the burlap curtains.  I wish I could paint these walls, but I’m not sure just yet what color I would paint them!

Now, I’ve just gotta get some guests!

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  1. What weekends do you have available! LOL! Looks as though we are headed to Alaska on a cruise in July. Have a wedding June 8th. Just remember that you are above the pettiness of those people — no offense, Chris — they are Yankees! We love our Dr Lauren! Vicki

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