Keep your oranges and your glass of wine close, ladies

News from the American Heart Association:

*1/2 to 1 1/2 glasses of wine daily will reduce your risk of stroke by almost 1/5!
*An orange, grapefruit, or other citrus daily will also modestly reduce your risk of stroke!

Glass of wine a day will keep the doctors away!  Pick your favorite!  It decreases a woman’s risk of both ischemic (clotting) and hemorrhagic (bleeding) strokes by about 20%.

An orange a day will also keep the doctor away, as it turns out!  Oranges have antioxidants useful for stroke prevention, and provide a “modest” reduction in stroke risk.

So, ladies, what do we know??  Dark chocolate, oranges, and a glass of wine will cut your risk of stroke.  Sounds like a fabulous wine and fondue party!  Are ya with me?  😉

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