Good News!

I finally have some good news- Chris got an interview this morning at a local hospital for an Internal Medicine residency, and it went really well!!  It’s a 3 year residency, typical for internal medicine.  And since my residency has 3 more years remaining, we will finish right at the same time.  Even though he didn’t initially want to go into IM, he is planning on using it as a stepping stone to get where he eventually want to go.  He wants to take it, which I completely support!  Bonus: since he’s already graduated, he can start his residency early, good because he is itching to get started.  2nd Bonus: he also found out that he can moonlight in the ER at his hospital in his 2nd and 3rd years for a little extra cash!  He goes in to sign the contract on Monday morning! 

Thanks to the Heavenly Father; he does provide!!  We are so stoked about his job- and the funny thing is, he wouldn’t have been so excited had things not gone the way they did this week.  I am proud of him, no matter what field he wants to end up in.  I guess there is a reason things have worked out this way, even though we can’t really see it right now.  We’ve had to just trust that God would have our backs, and he always does, whether it’s according to our plan or not.  I have learned that over & over, time & time again, but somehow it’s still always a tough lesson when things just don’t go according to my plan.  It ruffles my feathers, and I know Chris & I are both “ducks in a row” type of people.  Gotta learn to let go a little.  Again. 

I am so thankful for all of the prayers, thoughts, and sweet advice from all of my family & friends- it’s been such a blessing!  We couldn’t have done it alone!  What would we do without family and friends?  I just wish we could see everyone more often…hugs & kisses!

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  1. He has his own plans for you. They aren't always the same as ours. Just remember — in His time. He DOES know what we need. Congrats. Love you both. Vicki

  2. I was so glad to hear about this! Good news all around. Your post made me tear up a little…either because I'm pregnant, or because you are completely right…even though the week was terrible for Chris, the last day of the week yielded exactly what he needed to get him on the path to where he needs to be. God's faithfulness is so overwhelming sometimes…all I can do is stand in awe. <3

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