Snow Day!

I am post-call again, and it was another super busy day on call.  After a nap, Chris & I and some friends went to lunch, then snowshoeing, then to a coffee shop, then to the Isle.  It was a busy day!!  I’ve discovered that I really, really love snowshoeing!  It takes really no coordination or strength (luckily for me), and after we got 10 inches of snow overnight, we had 2 options: hibernate & avoid the snow (which is what we usually do), or play in it.  Hey, if you can’t beat it, join it- and we did!  A nice reprieve from my usual: somewhere between tolerating the snow & hating it.  I do love to play in the snow!  I think we are going to try to learn to cross-country snow ski, too.  It’s really good to be active outside in the long winter months!

We went to the Isle, too- and it’s breathtaking in the winter.  There only a handful of things I love about this city, but the Isle in the wintertime is easily top 5.  The entire lake freezes over, and you walk out on it.  It stretches out forever, covered in ice & snow, and there are ice dunes that are incredible to walk on.  It literally looks like another planet, or maybe Antarctica.  And usually, there is no one there but you & whomever you are with.  It’s a really awesome, humbling experience, and it helps put things in perspective.  See? 

That’s me- and on either side of me, you see the dark blue- that’s the ice on top of the lake!  I was literally freezing my buns off!  I couldn’t feel my toes, either.   And nothing’s better to warm up than a hot coffee (even if it IS decaf).  It was really nice to see some of our friends from Pittsburgh & hang out with them!  I’m so glad they visited!

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