Woof!!! Glad this week’s done!

Wow- what a terrible week!  This has been one of the most challenging weeks we’ve had in over a year- it’s been awful.  Work has been awful- I’ve had to hash, re-hash, and re-hash again the incident with the attending last week, with several other attendings.  It just won’t go away- and it’s been a week.  It will not go away already.  This whole thing is wreaking havoc on my self-esteem & confidence at work, even though multiple parties have said I’ve done nothing wrong.  Still…even still.  And after being on call last night, I had to round this morning with the attending who yelled at me a week ago.  It was torture.  I have get her charts for her, listen to her every word, and do her bidding, all the while muttering under my breath. An extra twist of the knife is that her brother (who switched career plans super last minute and showed little interest) got a spot at the ER residency for which Chris had been hoping.  She was super nice to my co-worker about the fact that her hubby also did not get an ER spot there, but said absolutely nothing to me, knowing full well mine & Chris’ situation. 

And Chris, of course, is having a tough, tough week.  The scramble has been super tough on him- and I know he’s been discouraged, despite the scores of people around us voicing their support & concern. Since we’re having an unusually warm day (50 & sunny!!), I thought after I was post-call I would surprise him with a picnic & walk at the park with our puppies!  We definitely need to get out of the house- it’s gonna be back to 32 degrees tomorrow.  After our walk in the park, my poor hubby realized he lost his wedding ring somewhere!!!  🙁    I guess he’s lost too much weight  🙁  We looked for over an hour, to no avail.  It’s a needle in a haystack.

Thankfully, he has a interview lined up tomorrow for an Internal Medicine position at a local hospital!  We are stoked!!!  Finally, a breakthrough!  Hopefully, things may start to look up soon…I hope.  I’m sooooo over this week.

3 thoughts on “Woof!!! Glad this week’s done!”

  1. Fingers crossed & prayers raised. Know a connection who can help replace that missing ring. Love you both. If I don't get a chance this week – happy birthday, Lauren! I have Morg & Angie's animals for the next 2 weeks! Love, Vicki & Carl

  2. My thoughts are with you two! I feel certain you will both make it through these tough challenges. You will come through stronger, even though it is so hard right now!

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