A Drop of Golden Sun

For once, a leisurely morning!  It was bright outside and ABOVE freezing for once!  Forty-one degrees never felt so positively Spring-y before!  Some of the snow is melting- thank goodness, because it was starting to pile up pretty good. This morning, we had oatmeal made with Steel Cut Oats (they’re supposed to be ultra-healthy), blackberries, and honey.  I really do love oatmeal…but, uh, this one needs some work.  The blackberries & honey were extra yummy, but the oats seemed very coarse.  So I’m gonna have to try them again; I have heard they are better if you cook them in the crock pot overnight, so I will try it that way next time!

I had to carve out some time for a Sunrise Yoga session for an hour; I always hate waking early for working out, but I feel so much better during the day!  Sometimes, I’ll do good and get up early for A.M. workouts a few days in a row, and then one day, I’ll rationalize that I don’t feel THAT much better when I work out in the morning.  Before God & and everyone, I’ll admit it- I actually DO feel better throughout the day when I work out in the morning!

I was all nice & Zen as I drove into work, only for it to be the nuttiest, craziest day!  That always happens; if I ever get a chance to relax, I always know it’s just the calm before the storm.  Or, in this case, it seemed more like a tropical depression!  The pager just went off relentlessly, and I was what, like 20 feet into the hospital?  Woof!  STAT consults on patients crashing, medication clarifications, medical records, you name it.  Who knew Nephrology (that’s the service I’m on this month; next month…Cardiology) could be so busy?  I think it helped to find a happy place beforehand, though.  

Speaking of happy place, I have decided to take up painting again, too.  I haven’t really painted in a while, but my new house needs art!  Especially the kitchen; when we wash dishes, we stare at a blank wall.  It needs some help, is all I’m saying.  

Tomorrow’s forecast- low 20’s and lake effect snow…sigh.  Thank goodness for this small drop of sunshine!

2 thoughts on “A Drop of Golden Sun”

  1. At first I hated gettin gup early to work out but now, I love it! I feel like it gives me such a great boost for the day. Also, I can tell the difference on days that I haven't worked out yet: I'm munchier, grumpier, and more lazy.

  2. I used to get up early to work out after Oliver was born. You're right…it makes you feel much better!

    I love having time to myself to paint. Even though I'm not very good (and most time I don't even feel very creative), I have SUCH a good time doing it! I really love putting my iPod on a nice, mellow mix (I love Bethany Dillon for painting) and seeing what happens!

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