French Toast!

Thanks to my Aunt Janet- the Ezekiel French Toast was amazing!!!  We were supposed to have a slice of toast and 2 eggs for breakfast this morning…but we were in a french toast mood this morning.  So, we switched it up a little and used one egg and our slices of bread to make french toast and had an egg on the side!  The Ezekiel bread is perfect for french toast; it doesn’t fall apart when you dip it in the egg.

French Toast
1 egg, beaten
1 tsp. buttermilk
1/4 tsp. vanilla
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
2 slices of Ezekiel bread
sprinkling of agave syrup (I used vanilla, for topping)

Put a medium frying pan on low-medium heat & spray with cooking spray.  Meanwhile, beat the egg with buttermilk in medium bowl; add vanilla and cinnamon & stir.  Dip bread slice in egg mixture and place in warm pan; fry until golden brown on both sides.  Plate it & sprinkle with agave syrup (and we did blackberries, too)!  Yummies- thank you Aunt Janet!!

We realized if we’re on the SD diet for a whole year, we’re gonna need a few more recipes.  We ordered the Sonoma Diet Cookbook, which I will be using & finding recipes to share 🙂  The NEW Sonoma Diet Cookbook doesn’t come out until May, but we’re planning on picking that one up, too 🙂

Chris had a slightly rough day; he found out that one of his residency programs isn’t gonna rank him as high as he’d hoped…which hurts his chances of getting his ER residency.  I am so thankful to have so many family members & friends who have responded to an all-call prayer request.  Already, there’s a peace about the whole situation that’s pouring over both of us.  Match Day is the day we officially find out at which hospital and program he was accepted.  Match Day is February 14, Valentine’s Day; at less than a month away, stress reaches fever pitch for applicants.  Hopefully we’ll have good news to report on February 14th!

On a different note, I was totally sabotaging my own weight loss and didn’t even realize it, until it dawned on me this morning.  For the last couple of days, I was starving when I got home from work, so I popped a handful of dried cherries as I made dinner.  And, for the last two of days, I have gained a little bit of weight…yikes.  So, I raked my brain, trying to think if I was drinking too much wine or eating too large a snack…but I knew I hadn’t.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, until I reached for the cherries.  I turned the bag over, and the blasted things were loaded with sugar.  Under the ingredients column, it listed only cherries and sugar.  One serving had 18 grams of sugar.  I’m not really sure how much sugar that is, but it’s a lot.  I think a Snickers Bar has almost 30 grams of sugar, so it’s like eating roughly 2/3 of a Snickers Bar.  Great.  Also, a serving size is 1/3 of a cup, and it’s 170 calories.  Fail.  Today, no sugar-coated cherry bombs, and no sugar cravings at all!  Who knew they put sugar on some dried fruits??  I’m gonna have to be more careful…those pounds definitely go back on easier than they come off!!!

3 thoughts on “French Toast!”

  1. Ezekiel bread is our favorite for French toast, I am so glad you liked it! I will be keeping you both in my prayers for the next month, believing for good news!

  2. Oh man, fail on the cherries! Sad. A friend of mine was like, "Here, try these dried mangoes" and they were COVERED in sugar! Good but man…it was more like candy than fruit!!

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