The Sugar Monster Strikes

As a follow-up on yesterday’s post, the Today Show had a great clip this morning on whole grain breads, & they included some great ideas for tasty brands, including gluten free!  Here’s the link to the video:
 Today Show: “How Healthy is the Bread You’re Eating?”

On a different note…I crave sugar when I have a cold.  Really, really crave it.  And I’ve got a cold.  I have been craving chocolate all day.  So this has been a tough diet day…but I have made it; no chocolatey-sugar-coated stuff for me.  Hot green tea seems to help with cravings, but I’m picky.  I only like the kind that’s flavored with fruits, because I hate plain green tea.  Isn’t that weird?  Most people love green tea!  I love all of the Tea Republic teas, and I am currently drinking the one with Acai berry in it- love it!  Arizona Tea makes two great cold-brewed teas, peach and pomegranate.  It’s also tough to find teas I can have because I don’t drink any caffeine.  Sometimes I hate that, because there are some awesome coffees I would love to have, but of course, they are caffeinated.  Also, when I’m on call, it’s so tempting to have a little cup of coffee.  Even a little sip, though, and I’m up for hours.  If I have a whole cup, I get chest pains!  So I’d rather not.  Rarely I will have a sip of the Hubby’s; he’s got some Chocolate Doughnut Flavored Coffee that smells heavenly when it’s brewed!  When things get desperate, I do have dark cocoa roasted almonds (they’re sugar-free!) which are delicious and definitely SD friendly!

The other thing that stinks about being sick is that I just don’t feel like working out- and haven’t in about 3 or 4 days.  So my weight loss has plateaued (is that a word?) for the time being (at least I’m not gaining?).  I am hoping to at least do some light yoga this evening, if I can.  And maybe a hot shower.  And an early bedtime.  That sounds better!!

5 thoughts on “The Sugar Monster Strikes”

  1. So sorry you are not feeling well! Hope you are better soon. I used to have a caffiene intolerance too, but with age it went away. Now I love coffee!

  2. The green tea here is different. While in the US I wasn't a huge fan of green tea, here it is good! Almost sweeter. There's even green tea ice cream that is great, it's not bitter at all.

    Sorry to hear you're sick. Feel better soon!

  3. I love Timothy's Columbian Decaf for my Keurig!! SO SO SO good!

    I also don't like green tea (so you aren't weird…either that, or we both are, which is highly probable) but I will drink Zen by Tazo. It has spearmint and lemongrass. Mmm.

  4. Thank you, Aunt Janet! Feeling a lil better today 🙂

    KK- let me know how that green tea ice cream is…I could do some damage with that. I have also heard about green tea cupcakes….?!? With honey frosting?? I will keep y'all posted.

    Lisa- lol, I have some Tim's Columbian decaf for the Keurig! Also, I like Passion by Tazo, too, but now I've gotta try Zen. Oh, darn! 😉

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