38 Weeks…and a few days

Ooops, I am super late with this post! I have been so busy with getting the house/nursery ready for baby!  There is so much to do, and such very little time to do it!  I am still going to work everyday, which is becoming such. a. chore.  Even a regular day shift is starting to become completely exhausting!  I love love love my work, but wow- I just wish I had time for a break!!  I finally, as of Sunday morning, finished my last 28 hour shift at work (I can’t believe I worked those awful shifts so late in my pregnancy!).  I am so happy to say that I get to work like a normal person now- 8 am -5pm, but like I said, even those shifts are kinda tough!!

So, as I write this post, I have about 10 days left until my due date.  I cannot believe that it has flown so fast!!  For the most part, I have been pretty comfortable- no contractions over the last week, and he’s been behaving himself.  I am getting a little nervous about the labor and delivery- I mean, after all these months- this is the moment we’ve been waiting for- but I don’t have a great idea of what to expect (the experience has to be so different from what all the medical texts say).

Here we are at 38 weeks and a couple days:

Boy, I look so very, very tired (and I’m feeling it, too)!  Soon, very soon, there will be a baby boy in this picture with me!  It’s becoming more real as he becomes more interactive, even inside the womb.  He startles when he hears loud noises, he pushes back when I push against a foot, and he hiccups like crazy!  There is a baby in there- not just me smuggling a basketball under my dress!

This week’s stats:

Baby is as big as a: Pumpkin!

Nervous about: L and D

Excited for: meeting my lovebug!!

Pounds gained: who’s counting??  Please pass that doughnut!

Number of family members already here: one, my momma!!  Yay!

Number of dogs in the house: 4 (lol)

Number of things to get done around the house before baby gets here: countless.  It might never end.

Any guesses as to when baby boy will be born? 🙂

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  1. We were in Rockport over the Memorial Day weekend. Fun at the beach. Came across a perfect gift for the new father-to-be! Hope to get it to you before "Little M-H" arrives. Hug your mom for me. Love, Vicki

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