39 Weeks

39 weeks.  Only one more week until our due date!  I am getting really excited but nervous- I have no idea what to expect!  We are gonna be parents…oh my word.  It’s setting in.  Mom is here, Dad is coming in tomorrow, and baby will be here…when?  No one knows!

This past week was good- only a 4 day work week, but it was absolutely exhausting.  Completely exhausting, actually.  I had very little time to think about the fact that I am gonna have a kid OR the fact that the house is not totally ready.  THANK GOODNESS for my momma- she swooped in and has been working in the house ever since she got here!  (I just hope she’s not getting herself exhausted!).  I’m also not accustomed to needing help- I have always been super independent, but this is one time when I have definitely needed and appreciated the help…I would just be overwhelmed at this point without it!
I had my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, and they said I was no where near labor (not dilated at all, no effacement).  *Sigh*  It’s started to get really hot, too, lately, so I have been saying how anxious I am to have this baby before it gets much hotter outside!  Everyone at work has noticed, and keep asking me when am I just gonna have this baby already (I sure wish I knew)…or when do I get to go on break (I don’t…I have to work right up until I have this baby!!!).  Except for the heat, I’m really not too uncomfortable yet- but I think I would be a whole lot more uncomfortable if I didn’t have work to take my mind off of things.  Baby boy is still sitting up pretty high- so his knees/feet are right up under each lung.  When he gets very active, it does get uncomfortable, and sometimes my ribs go numb where his feet are pressing on them.  If I’m sitting in a chair that makes me sit up straight, he presses on my sciatic nerve and my feet go numb.  If he hiccups, he presses on both my bladder (making me need to pee instantly) and my pudendal nerve (giving me super sharp pains lasting only a split second in my pelvis).  See?  If I had too much extra time, these are the things I would focus on…and then get more anxious/nervous.  At the same time, I am very thankful for this weekend, and for a chance to rest, hopefully.
I bet this baby boy weighs almost 8 pounds at birth.  He feels HUGE.
Week 39 stats:
Produce of the week: Watermelon!!!!  This is surprising/hilarious, because I craved watermelon all week long!!!
Cravings/Aversions: Watermelon, sweets (mostly cookies)
Excitements: To meet my boy!
Frustrations: I had to go up another size in my scrubs this week…
Bags are packed, and we’re ready to go whenever baby boy is ready!
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