37 Weeks = Full Term!!!

We’ve made it!  This sweet baby boy is full term! We could go into labor anytime now, and he wouldn’t be considered “premie” anymore, although we’re still 3 weeks away from my due date of June 7!  I still feel pretty good (knock on wood), I think mostly because I’m working so much that there’s no time to feel all the discomforts of pregnancy.  I mean, I feel them, but there’s no time to process or focus  on them (which I think is a good thing!).  I haven’t had as much time, though, to get things as ready as I wanted them to be by now.  For example, I have 2 more DIY projects left for the nursery that I have just GOT to finish, and the whole house needs to be scrubbed, including the guest room.  There’s so much work to do, and so little time!  Plus, the crucial things like installing the carseat and packing my hospital bag that still have yet to get done!

I keep reading that I’m supposed to be getting bursts of energy towards the end to help with the nesting- but I am getting exhausted, completely.  I’m sleeping lots through the day, and most of the way through the night.  I think it’s probably because of the amount of overnight call I’ve had to take over the last couple of weeks.  I’ve been on an overnight call every 3rd night for the last 2 weeks, and it’s getting really hard.  Luckily, I only have one more call left, next Saturday (if I make it to that call!).  After that, no more call until baby is born!  🙂

I don’t remember if I have mentioned this before or not, but I have this irrational fear that my water will break while I’m talking with a patient (would be totally embarrassing).  I guess there’s nothing I could do about it, no matter when or where it happens, if my water even does break.  Who knows?

This past week, I had a good doctor’s appointment, baby’s heart rate was good and he is measuring right on track.  So far, things are looking good for him!  We also had our Baby Basics class last week, which wasn’t as helpful as I’d hoped it would be, actually.  I was spoiled, though, I think, because my friend had already gone over everything they mentioned, and more!  It was probably great for Hubby, though, since he hasn’t been around babies very much too.  I did make sure to get my pedicure today, too- and I am so glad I took the time to do that.  I know I won’t have much time to do that after the baby is born (for a while, at least), and I couldn’t reach my tootsies anymore (so they looked super crusty!); it was soooooo beyond wonderful to be pampered- I enjoyed just relaxing and chatting with the other ladies about weather, etc.  We also enjoyed hanging out with our friends until late on Friday and Saturday, which will be another thing that will be sparse for a while after the baby is born.  We’re trying to squeak in as much of those things as we can and enjoy 🙂

This week, we are looking forward to a Prenatal Party at the hospital, which should be fun, but I’m not really sure what to expect out of it!  We also have our weekly doctor appointment, and lots of nesting to do 🙂  Hubby has a grilling class this week with his guy friends, and I can’t wait to hear how that goes (and I’ll get some sewing done…maybe…or I might sit on the couch, lol).

Week 37 highlights:

Baby is as big as: Winter Melon (we’re not sure what/how big that is)

Days left until due date:  19……..!?!?  We’re officially under 20 days!

My biggest goal this week: of all the thousands of things I need to do this week, the most important things is to NOT to overdo it.  I need to remind myself to sit my butt down and not hurt myself!!

Nervous about: water breaking in public (cleanup on aisle 5)

Excited for: meeting my little man!!!

If I had one wish: I would wish my family (including friends who are more like family) was near, I’m missing every single one and wishing I could nest with them!

Hubby: Is so so cute- he is getting very excited in his own way about meeting baby boy!

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  1. Know your mom is headed out this week. It will be great to have her there! Enjoy the next few weeks as your life is really going to change! Forget sleep, warm meals, quiet! Love you both & hope to see you soon. Love, Carl, Vicki & Morgan

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