34 Weeks

The countdown is really on, with only 6 weeks until my due date!  I can’t believe we’re already here!  I’m feeling pretty good in general, except when I do too many chores/projects around the house…that always results in tailbone pain.  Especially lifting- even just a full laundry basket.  My poor back must have had it with me!  This weekend, I planted some Dahlias, Early Girl tomatoes, and a Rosemary bush.  I still need to plant my Jalapenos, but it’s apparently too cold to have the plants shipped up here just yet!  Mr. Handsome did a wonderful job of cleaning out 3/4 of the garage, and we may actually be able to use it as a garage again soon!

Spring cleaning seems to be the theme of the week- not only at the house, but also in relationships.  I have had a friend who, though she may mean well, always starts drama.  She picked a fight with me this week, because I refused to talk about one of my other friends behind her back- and she twisted it awfully, and berated and insulted me.  About a year and half ago, she may have been a friend I needed in my life, but she became very self-centered about a year ago- and since then has been talking about everyone behind their backs, myself and my marriage included.  I have tried to hold onto this friendship, hoping that it was just a phase- but it has become completely toxic and dysfunctional, now for several months.  Though it makes me sad and disappointed to let a friend go- I really, really have to learn my lesson on this one, and just rid myself of all of the toxic relationships and things that complicate/dramatize my life.  I really don’t need it- especially now.  I was so upset after the fight, I had started having some milder contractions- and I cannot afford to let this ridiculous drama affect the health and well-being of my baby- so that was the last straw.  I am gonna need some prayers on this, though, as this will be a long and difficult road with this particular person- so if you have any moments to spare, I would really appreciate some prayers for strength, wisdom, and clarity on this situation.

Other than that, this past week was pretty good in general!  I have had more strangers tell me how beautiful I look in this past week than I think in my whole life combined- all women!  It’s so sweet to watch as other women support and cheer me along, knowing exactly what I needed to hear (and knowing how insecure this stage can be).  I’ve also been told several times that baby boy is “so high!” which I didn’t realize until I started looking at the last several pictures closely- he feels like he is always up in my ribs because he IS always up in my ribs!

I had my work shower yesterday, which was absolutely so much fun!  I have so many sweet people I work with that care so much!  They all had wonderful advice, tips, tricks, and offers to help when I need it- it is so very appreciated!  So, today, I had more baby laundry (yay!) to do, bottles to wash, and lists of people to thank!  It’s gonna prove challenging to find a place in the kitchen for all the bottles, etc-so that’s on the list to do.  I’ll have to post some pictures of the shower, too!  I think we may have picked out a crib, so we have to purchase it, and then it actually takes a couple of weeks to ship to us (hopefully in good condition).  I am so excited to get all these little details done!

In this week ahead, I have just a couple of last days in Pittsburgh, after which I will return home- and I am so anxious to come home.  I have a doctor’s appointment this week to check on baby!  Mr. Handsome is driving to Philly for an award ceremony, but I can’t go with him, because it was last minute.  He won an essay contest!  More to come on this next weekend!

Week 34 in review:

Produce of the week: butternut squash!

Days left until due date: 40?!

Cravings/aversions: none, really.  Sweets, but that’s no different from pre-pregnancy L.B.

Excited for: getting a crib!

Nervous about: labor and delivery- it’s imminent.  I am terrified that my water will break while I am at work or on call, too.

Sleep status: not much, with all of the late night peeing, and early morning nesting urges…

See ya next week!

(And for those who have asked, we are registered at Amazon and Target- but please, please do not in any way feel obligated!)

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