35 weeks

Only 5 more weeks of work…give or take!  Somehow, my belly continues to expand, and he’s really sitting very high in my belly.  He’s stayed up in my ribs for weeks now, but I actually don’t mind it as much as I minded the morning sickness, believe it or not!

We still have to get a crib…we have shopped and searched, high and low, and we either can’t agree on one we like, or it takes too long to ship to our house.  We found one we liked today, but they don’t have any in stock and aren’t sure when they will come in.  It’s been such a roller coaster, with the crib of all things.  After talking to our friends and hearing/seeing how beat up cribs get over the life of a child, we have decided to get one that is well made but economical.  Now, if they would just stock those cribs, that would be great!

As of this last week, I’m back at home, finally.  Two long solid months of being away, and it’s so nice to be back home.  It had really taken a toll on me driving back and forth so often…unfortunately I have to go back to being on call.  So, even though I am home, I have much less time for the preparation I need to finish before baby arrives.  It’s good to be able to cook for myself again, to sleep in my own bed, and to see my hubby and puppies every day (for the most part, except when we’re on call).

My doctor’s appointment went well; they’ve been pretty uneventful the last several times (which I count as a blessing!).  Baby is measuring just right, moving lots, and all our vitals are good 🙂  We start with weekly doctor appointments next week…eeek!!  That means we’re getting close!

Week 35 stats:

Baby is as big as a: coconut!!  How appropriate, it’s Cinco de Mayo!!

cravings/aversions:  Nothing in particular, actually.  I diced my first onion today since I got pregnant; it was the first time I could stand it!  And I ate soup for the first time this week since I got pregnant!  I’m starting to feel like myself again!

I can’t wait to: have a crib, I’m ready to complete my nursery!

Nervous about: Imminent labor and delivery…

Hubby is: nesting too!  He cleaned out the garage this week!!  AND he went shopping for baby clothes…of his own volition!

Funny pregger moments:  got a great parking spot, but couldn’t open the door wide enough to get out of the car for my belly….fail!  Can’t sit in a booth anymore!  Putting my napkin in my lap while eating is useless, because my belly just covers it anyway and I spill food all down my front!  Every morning I compete in the “get out of bed” event in the pregger Olympics…and I’m not winning there, either!

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  1. Oh, Dr Lauren! I am going to miss your blogs after the baby arrives! I know you are excited & wish we were closer so we could babysit once in awhile! Enjoy the bouncer! They are great! Love, Vicki & Carl

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