26 weeks

Ugh, late post! So, I won’t have a picture this week, since I don’t have a way to transfer the picture from the camera (I left it in Erie), which is a bummer.  Last week was super busy! It was my 29th birthday- I can hardly believe that I’m 29.  I had a tough week, with lots of drama at work, drama with a particular friend, and drama with family…ugh! All this while 26 weeks pregnant and working over 50-60 hours…not good.  So, I’m thinking that in light of the fact that my life is about to get infinitely more complicated with a baby, it’s time to trim the fat.  Toxic “friends”- gone. Family drama- squashed.  Work drama- somewhat self resolved, since I’m now out of town for the next 2 months.

I am ready to think happy thoughts, to surround myself with only true friends who are really supportive, and to find ways to have sunshiny days even when it’s cloudy.

Easier said than done.

Week 26 stats:

Baby is as big as a: rutabaga

Cravings/aversions: craving fresh raspberries!

26th week dr appointment: all good, all healthy 😉

Nervous about: rotating out of town for two months without Mr. Handsome

Excited for: feeling stronger kicks!

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  1. FYI: What is it about all of Morgan's friends — another one in med school — Russell Stanley in FW! I know you & Chris are getting excited! You are right — life is too short to put up with toxic people. Get rid of all the negative things in your life, if at all possible. Love you all! Vicki & Carl

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