25 Weeks

I almost cry thinking about me at 5 weeks- to think I was worried that I might be having a “fat day” that day- um, I was very clearly out of my mind.  Even in just the last 5 weeks, I am shocked at how much growing this little guy has done!  I read that my womb is the size of a soccer ball as of last week!  Boy, my back feels it today, too.  I’m gonna get my prenatal massage  this week, I think, since my birthday’s coming up 🙂

Coming up this week, also, is my next Dr appointment, a hair appointment, and dinner plans on a couple of days this week, so it promises to be a busy one.  Then, next weekend, I am headed back to Pittsburgh for another 2 months (getting closer to that due date, huh?).  I am relieved, however, that I will not have any overnight call during those 2 months.  Call nights are getting harder and harder the further along we get.

Also getting harder: getting exercise.  It’s slooooooow going these days on my walks, and I get short of breath pretty easily too.  It’s getting harder on my hips, the bigger I get, so I’m thinking of investing in some kind of belly exercise band- anyone ever used those?

This past weekend, Mr. Handsome and I started our baby registries- and woof!  It’s completely overwhelming with all of the options and advertising and contraptions they sell to new families.  Any suggestions on what to definitely purchase, as well as what to stay away from, are completely welcome!  We have our first shower coming up on April 6th, and it’s a co-ed baby shower, so Hubby is really excited about it, too!

This week’s stats:

Baby is as big as a: head of iceberg lettuce

Cravings/aversions: craving grapes!

Looking forward to: finishing this registry

Nervous about: finding space in our apartment for all this baby stuff!  Also, nervous about the choices we made- did we pick the right swinger?  the right diapers?  the right stroller?

Number of strollers we have picked out: 2

Number of diapers we have registered for: 600

Number of boy’s names we agree on: 0.  We have some work to do 😉

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