22 Weeks/Gender Reveal!

We’re at 22 weeks, and we had our gender reveal party yesterday!  And guess what…IT’S A BOY!!!

Here’s how the party worked:  we had our ultrasound on Thursday, where they said the baby looks healthy, and wrote down the gender, and sealed it in an envelope.  We took that envelope (without opening it, which was SUPER difficult) to a bakery, where they baked a cake that was either pink or blue on the inside based on the results in the envelope.  We then picked up the frosted cake, waited for our party, and cut into the cake at the party to reveal which gender!

Here are some early pics of the party, the actual pics will be uploaded later:

 White chocolate covered oreos

 Dessert tower, with Hershey bars that had either “He” or “she” colored red or blue:

 The cake!  Isn’t it cute?  We gave the baker creative freedom to write and decorate it however she wanted, and this is what she came up with:

 I love it!!!

 I kept opening the box and staring at the cake real hard, as if trying to will myself to have x-ray vision and see through the frosting to the cake color inside….it didn’t work.  But that cake sure smelled amazing.

 And, at 7 PM, we skyped with our parents and surrounded by lots of sweet friends, we cut open the super cute cake to reveal…..  A BOY!!!!!!

 We were sooooooo shocked!!!  We decided we had been so certain that it was gonna be a girl, lol!  We are still in shock tonight, even as I am writing this blog post!!  We are sooooo excited, and now the shopping/name picking/registry/nursery decorating can begin!!

 This week’s stats:

Baby is as big as: a grapefruit!

Baby weighs: 1.04 lbs on ultrasound

Heart rate: 156 beats/minute

So excited for: shopping for baby boy clothes!!  OMG!  So excited!

Mr. Handsome: is ready to buy lots of cute boy t-shirts

The dogs: are clueless, I think!

2 thoughts on “22 Weeks/Gender Reveal!”

  1. Woohoo!!!! Congrats to you both. Let the shopping begin. Boy clothes are SO much cuter now than when you and your cousins were little. Can't wait for our next Middleton gathering with LOTS of little ones running around! Love to you all!

  2. Thanks Aunt Suzi! I love looking at all the baby boy clothes, they are definitely cuter than they used to be! The Middleton gatherings are gonna be getting bigger and bigger 🙂

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