23 Weeks

Time is starting to fly…it’s already been 23 weeks!  We have just a couple of months before baby boy will be here!  Two of those months, I will be away on rotation again (boo), and by the time I come back, I will be just 5 short weeks away from my due date (I cannot believe that at ALL- whoa- I’m gonna be a mommy!)

I’m starting to feel much bigger, lol!!  It’s definitely getting harder to hoist myself out of bed in the morning, bend over to tie shoes, sleep on my side, and stand up all day- I’m really starting to feel it.  One downside- my winter coat doesn’t zip up anymore, which is a huge bummer, since it’s still gonna be snowing here until April, so I’m gonna be chilly!  Baby Boy’s kicks are getting a lot stronger, too- he shocked me yesterday morning- 5 strong kicks in a row, which made me giggle while talking to a co-worker!!  I couldn’t hold the giggle in, I was just so shocked that he was so so busy in the morning!  I love the kicks, though- it’s an amazing reminder that he’s in there!

We have just barely started looking at registries and baby stuff, and I did let myself buy a couple of precious outfits 🙂

We haven’t picked out a name, mostly because we can’t agree on any names!  All Mr. Handsome likes is “Brucewayne Wutang” (yes, Brucewayne is one word, and yes, as in Batman- if you know my hubby, this isn’t a huge surprise).  This is what I’m working with!!  Haha!  Every name I like, he responds by saying “No, that kid will get beat up,” or “No, he’ll get made fun of.”  Not helpful, lol.  So, the search continues.  We are looking for a sort of unique name, but not so unique that it sounds crazy.  I dunno- apparently that’s a tall order to fill!

Week 23 Stats:

Baby is as big as a: cantaloupe!

Food cravings/aversions:  I could not get enough hummus with pitas and veggies and lots of mediterranean food!

Other symptoms:  Thankfully, I think the only aversions left at this point are smells- some cleaning products are just too strongly scented and the smell of the cheap frying oil every restaurant uses.  So these smells still make me a little nauseous sometimes- but I am so thankful to be morning well instead of morning sick!  Otherwise, baby lets me know when he’s hungry by making me very lightheaded all at once- not my favorite thing, either.

I’m looking forward to: holding Baby Boy, decorating the nursery, an occasional glass of red wine, sleeping on my belly, and fitting into my old clothes again (if that’s even possible)

The Puppies:  My girl dog accidentally jumped right on my belly this week, which did not feel awesome- I don’t think she knew!

Mr. Handsome:  will not consider any name other than “Brucewayne.”  Ugh.

See you next week 🙂

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