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July is for Blueberry Pie!

It’s already the end of July!!  Where did summer go?!  I realize it’s been several days since I’ve blogged- half of that, Chris and I were both getting over pneumonia, and the other half, we were super busy!  Of course, … Continue reading

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Banana Split Trifle

Woof- Chris & I are both sick as DOGS!!  I haven’t felt like cooking in a little while, but I made this easy & fantastic dessert last weekend for a party I hosted- I’ll write about that! It tastes like … Continue reading

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The Rebellion

Ugh!!!  I have been so frustrated with work lately, and it’s making me really miserable.  My new chief resident doesn’t like me at all, for whatever reason.  She makes it a point to nitpick and nag at me only at … Continue reading

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Southerners love their belts & belt buckles (especially you Texans).  There are two other kinds of “belts” that encompass Southern tradition.  Southern states are known not only as “the Bible Belt,” but also as a different kind of (less cool) … Continue reading

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A Quick Look Back

Sometimes, in order to move forward, you have to take a look backward.  We’ve got to re-orient ourselves. I needed just that, some perspective.  I took a look back to one year ago, which was my first day of my … Continue reading

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2011’s First Half in Review

Today is the last day of June, already!!  It’s officially been 6 months of SD (which has really morphed into a whole foods diet).  I don’t think we’ll ever go back to how we were eating last year- we don’t … Continue reading

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