2011’s First Half in Review

Today is the last day of June, already!!  It’s officially been 6 months of SD (which has really morphed into a whole foods diet).  I don’t think we’ll ever go back to how we were eating last year- we don’t even miss it!  Today marks the halfway mark for my New Year’s Resolution to do a whole year of SD!!

And since it’s been 6 months since the New Year, might as well take this opportunity to “check in” with progress of the rest of the resolutions.In Whole Living magazine, they have a section entitled “Happy Half Year!” which provides some guidance for gaining insight into our lives:

1. Think of 5 positive changes in your life since January 1st. (This one took a lot of thought)
         1) Eating not only healthier (that was the original resolution), but also eating with a tastebud towards     organic, sustainable, local foods for health and to support our farmers and the earth (way, way, way beyond the original resolution).
         2) I am beginning to carve out a sense of independence and the beginnings of confidence at work, even though the days are long and arduous, and I’m met with much, much criticism.  I’m finding (and trusting) my own voice!
         3) Discovering new hobbies, like snowshoeing, gardening, breadmaking, and canning/pickling for relaxation.  It keeps life from being so monotonous!
         4) I have been able to cut out the toxic people in my life- and life is much, much easier without worrying about people who don’t care about you!!  This has taken almost exactly 5 years for me to accomplish, and I do feel much better having done it!
         5) The Hubby got a job- and this has been a bit of a mixed bag.  Mostly, this one is positive, because he is continuing to grow in his career, we can really understand what each other is going through since both of us work, and of course it has helped make things a little more comfortable for us.  Mixed feelings, because he is still a little bitter about not getting the residency he wanted, and of course also because we don’t see each other often at all. 
2.  Identify the resolution you broke most swiftly this year.
    This is a tough one, too.  I had resolved to pick a church in this area, and we have still not picked a church.  One problem is that Chris & I have both been scheduled for lots of Sundays at work, making it impossible to go on those days, and the other problem, honestly, is that when we do get a weekend off, we sleep most of the weekend. 
    Time to get back on course with this one.  Unfortunately, we both work this Sunday, but we’re both off the following Sunday!  I need to make it a point to pick a church and go that Sunday morning.
3.  Read “Let Your Life Speak” by Parker Palmer.
   Well, I’ll have to get to this one when I can…
4.  Reconnect with someone you haven’t spoken to in months.
   I actually had the wonderful opportunity to speak to my best friend tonight, whom it’s been at least a month since we’ve spoken! 

The article ends with a fabulous quote, which I find especially motivating now:
“Beginnings are exhilarating, but middles can be exhausting.  Luckily, any halfway point can easily become a new beginning; it just takes a few moments of mindfulness.”

With that in mind, I should also add today also marks my last day of intern year.  Tomorrow, I will officially be a resident, and it is the first day of my second year.  So even though work has felt (especially lately) tedious and trying here in the middle of my training, I find a new beginning, and with that, a new reason to feel exhilarated!  Intern year is FINALLY over!!!  🙂

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