A Quick Look Back

Sometimes, in order to move forward, you have to take a look backward.  We’ve got to re-orient ourselves.

I needed just that, some perspective.  I took a look back to one year ago, which was my first day of my intern year.  It was a doozie!  I started on the Neurology service, which was, to this day, the busiest it has been.  I was at work until 7:30 at least every day that first week, trying to orient myself to my new surroundings, and just trying to get through rounds (much more difficult when you have an overloaded inpatient service).  That first day, I didn’t leave the hospital until 9pm.  Additionally, my apartment wasn’t move-in ready yet, so I was an orphan, staying with a friend.  I was still living in Pittsburgh at the time, driving the 2 hours each Monday morning and back each Friday.  It wasn’t for another week and a half that I moved in- which, were it not for my mother and now husband, wouldn’t have happened either.  The movers bailed on us without warning, my Pittsburgh neighbor (he was certifiable) hounded my mother and fiance while they worked to move me.  They found someone to move me, and then Chris’ car got broken into and his prized computer was stolen (he is still mourning that computer).  Woof!!

Intern year, in recap, was so so tough.  By Wednesday of my first week, my friend and I both purchased silk pj’s and shared a bottle of wine while relating how terrible our first weeks were.  To this day, we still share a bottle of wine while we relate to each other the frustrations of our programs.  Only now, we’re both married, so our poor hubbies have to hear it, too.  Still, I’m glad.

Fast forward to 2nd year.  In comparison, today was very easy.  Our service was not overly busy today, I have a house of my own to come home to, and I got home at 5pm today instead of 9pm.  But it wasn’t until I took a moment to review where I’ve been that I felt a little better about both where I am and where I will be going.  Finally!  I only have the good Lord to thank for that much needed perspective!

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