Time for a Celebration!

My older brother is graduating from college this weekend- after 11 years of undergrad!!  It’s been a long road for him, so we’re going to have to celebrate!  College has taken him more than a third of his life thus far, so it’s like the end of an era.  Finally!  No idea what his plans are for the future.  He is planning on going to Colorado (I sincerely hope NOT to move back in with mom & dad- they are very generous, but he is very old).  I hope he gets a great job there, and I hope he begins a life for himself.  It’s time for him to walk into his season.

Speaking of mom, she has finally reached an end, as well- to a long, arduous, and sometimes painful, job search.  She has been working at various teaching positions where she is, in my opinion, undervalued and overworked (although I realize that’s true of a vast majority of teaching positions, lately).  But, honestly- she holds a bachelor’s in education and master’s in literacy education, and she has been working as a teacher’s aide and then as a secondary teacher…she hasn’t held a primary teaching position since she left New York.  I know that has to be so frustrating.  Yesterday, however, she got a job, for literacy education of grades 6 – 12, as a primary teaching position!!  I am so glad for her- she really deserves it! 

Yesterday, I also received news about my National Board Exam, step 3, that I took at the beginning of April- and I passed!!  That means that I am a fully board certified physician now!!  It also means that I can finally begin training in earnest for the next step: specializing in neurology! 

This weekend, my parents are coming in to go to Matt’s graduation, and then moving Matt out to Colorado.  So, I need to plan some sort of fabulous celebration for all of these exciting things!

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