The Whole Foods Co-op

I found, here in this medium-sized town, a whole foods co-op!  It’s an interesting concept…all of these local farmers came together and founded this organic health food store.  It supports local farmers, but it also carries all of the organic prepared foods that we love, too!  It’s like having our own version of Trader Joe’s, or a very small Whole Foods.  They have a wonderful bulk food section, too (which I love because it cuts down on packaging).  The have all kinds of whole wheat and gluten free rices, pastas, flours, honey, oils, syrups, granolas, dried fruits, chocolate and cacao and carob, and nuts!  I love this store- it’s like my mecca.  It seems to have a more vegetarian vibe, although it does have a very small section for grass fed beef, free range chickens, and homemade sausages and bacon.  I may still go to Trader Joe’s for my chicken and fish…because their selection is incredible and the prices are fantastic (Unfortunately, the closest one is 1 1/2 hours away in Ohio). 

In addition to all of that, you can actually become part owner of this co-op by purchasing a unit of stock.  We’re kind of thinking about it, because you get discounts when you shop there, you can order items that they don’t typically carry, and you can order bulk specialty items.  And, of course, that money goes to support the local farmers that provide the fresh veggies.  I’m soooo in. 

There is a cute cafe inside, which sells mostly vegetarian foods, with the exception of tuna and salmon.  We haven’t tried it, but we will soon, I’m sure! 

Finding this store just made my life so much easier!

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