The Next Step: Health (Pea)Nut

So often in life, I feel like I just barely get good at something, and it’s time to move on.  All the blessed time.  I just get good at being a med student, and it’s time to graduate.  I get good at being an intern, and it’s time to be a resident.  I get good at internal medicine, and it’s time to jump to pulmonology.  I started the Sonoma Diet, and it’s honestly morphed into a Whole Foods/Organic Diet.  As far as this last one, I get all kinds of questions and comments all of the time from friends and co-workers who are worried that I am not eating at the cafeteria.  When I try to explain that my husband and I are eating whole organic foods, usually their eyes glaze over and I’m pretty sure they’re mentally calling me a “health nut.”  Is that a good thing or a bad thing??  It’s always has a negative stigma attached to it when it wasn’t aimed at me previously, but I actually think it’s a good thing!! Anyway, I am probably a health nut, but since I’m happy with it, who cares?  Friends I hadn’t even told about my diet were asking me if I was still on that “crazy diet” from before…and I cringe, but I say yes.  Crazy…diet?  I never thought it was all that crazy; I just thought it’s just the way we’re supposed to eat.  Apparently that makes me a crazy nut. 

So, if I’m a nut, I’d better be a peanut.  I love peanut butter more than chocolate…SNAP.  There, I said it!!!  (Although they complement each other very nicely.) 

Like I was saying earlier, though, just as I get good at one thing, it’s time to  move on to the next…and that’s how my how philosophy on food has morphed over the last several months.  Every time I’ve discovered something new, I’ve incorporated it into my philosophy.  As of late, I’ve heard an awful lot about the “Industrialization of Food,” and I’ve been given recommended reading & viewing, which I thought I would put out there in case anyone else became interested.  First and foremost, what is the Industrialization of Food?

I’m not really sure.  I’ve gotta find out!  Here are my sources: the movie “Food, Inc.,” Eric Schlosser’s “Fast Food Nation,” and Michael Pollan’s “In Defense of Food,” and “The Omnivore’s Manifesto.”  So I’ve got a little reading to do, then I’ll write about the Industrialization of Food…

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