Whole Wheat Banana Bread

I can’t believe it’s been a full week since I’ve been able to blog!!  We’ve had house guests all week, and we actually still have a house guest until Thursday, so it’s just been wonderful hanging out with people we rarely get to see!  I love having company- I really do love it.  It’s so rare that we have people in, and now the weather is (finally) fabulous and we can grill and sit outside!  So we do! And actually, we went swimming today for the first time all year!

So, in honor of having so many guests recently, I felt it was necessary to have a few foods around that people love- like banana bread.  The catch is, I still make all of our meals the Sonoma way, but no one can tell the difference.  Everyone loves the food, and we don’t have to compromise nutrition!  I wanted a good banana bread recipe, but I needed for it to be whole wheat, so I found this one:
Whole Wheat Banana Bread
It’s fabulous.  Really!  Add walnuts or pecans if you like a nutty banana bread!  The nuttiness of the whole wheat flour really does well with the bananas, and the yogurt keeps the bread sooooo soft.  It’s not even a little dry.  It’s the way banana bread should be.  Keep an eye out for pictures of the banana bread french toast I’m gonna make with the leftovers at the end of the week!  😉

As a bonus, the website the recipe comes from is an absolute gold mine of recipes and resources for fresh, whole food eating.  It’s called 100 Days of Real Food, and they have a 10-day real food challenge, which comes complete with meal plans, resources, and prizes! 

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