The First Week: We Made It!

Today ends the 7th day, and thus the first week, of the SD.  Yay!!  That means, tomorrow I can have my 7 day reward: new yoga clothes from VS!!!  I am so super excited!!  On top of that, losing 6 pounds in 7 days is sweet!  I cannot believe Chris and I actually made it 7 whole days of Mediterranean!  As an added bonus: it the weekend!  2 whole beautiful days of being snowed in with my hubby!!!  Maybe we’ll sled a little?! We’ll see! 

Tonight we grocery shopped for the Wave 2 stuff and it looks awesome- Fage yogurt, cherries, granola…I am so excited to blog about all of these recipes! 

Speaking of recipes, the dinner we had tonight was wonderful, too.  We had a Spanish-Paprika rubbed Pork Tenderloin that was pan seared and finished in the oven.  It. was. so. juicy.  Also, in the jou-jou from the pork, I added onions and garlic and a little red wine to deglaze the pan.  Then I added garbanzos and threw some tomatoes on top to roast in the oven.  As it all came out of the oven, the recipe called for tossing fresh spinach into the smoky roasted beans- and it was pretty darn good.  All it lacked was that wonderful glass of wine, which I will have in 3 short days.

Side note: I haven’t craved dessert in days!!!  How ’bout that?!

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