It’s Soap Box Time!!!!!

I truly hate how selfish people worm their way into our lives.  Some people honestly believe they were born entitled to things, rather than earning them; they believe they are a cut above the rest, and each has a crown sitting on top of their head (that only he/she can see) which indicates their inherent superiority.  Here’s what I have to say to You: screw you and the horse you rode in on!!!

We’ve all seen this person- that one person who cuts off a line of traffic, thus making the line that much slower for everyone behind him/her, and I deal with people like this as work every single day.  It’s baffling how the occasional person on welfare will demand medications, lunches, and faster service at the hospital- you’d think it’s Burger King up in that piece.  And I have taken the MOST amount of attitude from ones such as these.

I want to scream: HOW DARE YOU act like that which you have been GIVEN is not good enough for your precious self?!?  If you want something better, GET A REAL FLIPPING JOB AND BUY IT YOURSELF.  The old adage goes, “Beggars can’t be choosers,” but there are certainly those who believe they are entitled to be choosers whether or not they have earned that right. And yes, I mean truly EARNED.  If you don’t want the bologna sandwich being given to you, then go buy or make the chicken pesto panini on fresh foccacia you’re demanding.

That said, of course not everyone is like that.  There are plenty of people who are thankful for all they’ve been given, and I am not speaking to them.  But I am soooo over the attitude of the other, albeit loud, fraction like the above.

In better news, the SD is going very well; I am up to 7 pounds total lost and loving it!!!  I have my brand new yoga clothes washed & dried & ready to go, and my house is totally clean, so I am ready for the hour long yoga-fest headed in my direction!!!  And the worries of this ridiculous world shall melt away…

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