Pork Carnitas and Moroccan Acorn Squash

I have two fabulous recipes for anyone who needs easy, delicious meals that will break you out of your weekly cooking routine!

The first one is shown in the picture, and both the picture and the recipe are from 100 Days of Real Food Blog.  I love, love, LOVE that blog.  I love that I know that I can make any recipe from that website, and it will be processed food free!  This is a slow-cooker recipe, so I threw all of the ingredient together and just had Chris add them to the slow-cooker while I was on call.  When I arrived home after a long, long day, poof! Delicious tacos!  And it was perfect for these crisp fall days!  I have no pictures of my own, because we ate them too quickly for photos.  However, I can tell you that the pork just falls apart, and they are super flavorful.  If you like them spicier, I would recommend a little cayenne.  The recipe can be found at the link above!  She also has a recipe for homemade corn tortillas, which we did try- they also turned out really well!

I also love Martha Stewart’s Whole Living Website.  It has really great resources and ideas for not only recipes, but also recycling, working out, yoga, homemade fresh face masks and scrubs, and just so much more.  I received several different types of squash in my CSA bag this week- and I wanted something “different” from my regular baked squash.  This website has a recipe for Moroccan Acorn Squash that was so delicious and authentic.  I just loved the flavors!  It was savory, but the cinnamon and nutmeg gave it a fabulous flavor that you just can’t quite put your finger on.  The above whole living link will take you to that recipe.

Now, I made some pumpkin bread, for which the recipe is also at 100 Days of Real Food Blog, and it is making the house smell DIVINE.  I love fall- the leaves are gorgeous, the smells in the kitchen are so comforting, and the air smells…crisper, somehow.  It’s my favorite time of year!!  And, I can’t believe it, but it’s coming very close to mine and hubby’s first anniversary!  I can’t believe one whole year, already!  Time’s never gone so fast in my entire life!  (I wonder how that frozen cake turned out…?)

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