Oh Happy Day!

Call last night was loooooong.  I got called all night on a patient I suspect was a drug-seeker, which is not fun and not within the scope of my specialty.  I made it, though, through my first night as primary pager holder!  Yay!  It wasn’t as bad/stressful as I thought it was going to be, but I was very thankful that I had a senior resident on backup, as things started off pretty busy.

I have no idea why, but I have been so much happier lately!  Every winter, I typically get a seasonal affective disorder-y thing and stay pretty depressed until Spring.  Maybe it’s being married, maybe it’s the Sonoma Diet, or maybe my brand new puppy (we got her for Christmas!!!), or a combination…but I have been truly happy since the new year.  Erie is known for getting dreary, so we’ll see if this lasts.

My new puppy is 1 year old, born on New Year’s Day.  She is a 4 pound Yorkie, and she’s full grown!  I love that she’s tiny enough to fit into a purse and I can buy her all those cute little doggie sweaters and stuff!!

Sonoma  update- Chris & I made it halfway through Wave 1!  We’re on Day 5!  I have been pondering the rewards, and here’s what I’ve got so far:

Day 7- Use new yoga clothes from Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale!! And a new yoga mat I got for Christmas!!!
Day 10- End of Wave 1!  Pedicure with some fun new polish!
Day 11- Beginning of Wave 2- wine!
1 Month- Hair done in Pittsburgh
6 Months- New running shoes
1 year- Napa Valley/Sonoma Wine Tour!!!!

And that’s all I’ve got right now as far as the rewards go.  Hopefully they’ll keep me motivated! I’ll add onto them as they come to me…

We actually went out tonight as part of a lecture/drug rep dinner.  I think I stayed with the diet pretty well.  I had Pan Seared Sea Bass, and cappellini veggies with pomodoro sauce…fabulous!!  The veggies were cut like shoestring fries-size and then blanched, making them softer but not squishy.  The sauce was layered over the top, and it looked just like pasta.  I am honestly shocked to say that I didn’t miss the pasta!  This dish had all of the indulgence with none of the refined flours I am trying to stay away from.  This is a great tip that I will use in the future!

In the book, the author says the less refined sugars and flours you eat, the better you feel.  I didn’t put much stock in that statement at first, because I haven’t seen any studies supporting that statement.  I can tell you, I believe it now.  I feel so much more energy than I did pre-sonoma!  We both had energy to work out today for the first time since we started 5 days ago!!

I also realize now that I was addicted to sugar.  Here’s why: when sugar is eaten, is gets processed quickly, leading to that quick sugar-rush we’re familiar with.  Since there is little protein in my favorite sugary foods to stabilize my blood sugars, my blood sugar would plummet a little while later, leaving me searching (not unlike my drug addict last night) for another snack to keep my sugars high where I could get that rush.  That is the blood sugar roller coaster I was on, and I think that all of the ups and downs are exhausting; hence why I was so tired pre-sonoma. Now, since I don’t have that roller coaster, I still have energy at the end of the day!

Progress thus far has been a loss of 6 pounds!!  That is about 1/3 of the way to my goal!  I am already seeing my jeans fit better!!  This is so worth it!  It’s also gonna be worth it in the long run when I am hopefully not a diabetic!

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