Day 4: it never ends!!!

Ok, I realize that technically it’s January 5 already, but since I have been crushed on call tonight, this is my first spare moment to blog all day!  Woof, what a day!!!  I am on Nephrology this month, but I still am taking Neurology call.  This is my first month as primary call, which means I am the one to answer all of the pages, instead of consults and stroke alerts.  Like I said, busy.

Anyway, it’s a million times harder to try to eat better when you are up for a million hours- those cookies start to look downright heavenly, even though they are only mediocre in real life.  And, I am starving.  Gross.  My sweet hubby made the grilled Flank steak with Coffee Rub and Grilled asparagus for dinner and brought it to the hospital so that we could eat together <3  He is absolutely the sweetest!

Speaking of the hospital, it has a decent salad bar, so most veggies can be found there.  I don’t trust anything much else at the cafeteria- it’s all salty and gross.  I have started to bring my own lunches, which really are way more satisfying, even if I do have to wake up earlier to make them.  I honestly am eating more for breakfast and lunch than I ever have, and somehow it’s actually working.  I haven’t had a chance to work in exercise into my big plan; I will shoot for that tomorrow.  So good night, for now!  <3

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