So, I’m taking a sick day from work (sorely needed); I’ve got a nasty stomach bug.  And I realized, I have been MIA for so long!  I am actually not living at my house much right now- m job has me temporarily working in a different city for a couple of months.  And I hate it!  I hate being away from my husband, my puppies, my home…especially when not feeling well.  I have been extraordinarily lucky to have two special friends who are letting me live at their beautiful house in the meantime (while they are actually working temporarily out of town…), so I am essentially house sitting this fabulous house in a gorgeous neighborhood.  I know I am so incredibly lucky that my friends have taken such generous care of me by offering their house to me!  I do miss my home, though.  Obviously, I miss Mr. Handsome the very most, but I am shocked that I also really miss having the internet!  I never considered myself dependent on the internet- but now I realize, I totally am. Hence, no posts for a month now.

It’s weird going to a new hospital- it’s like starting over.  There are certain people that are very sweet to me, and then there are lots of people who are very rude.  I have been frustrated that I have bosses who do not even acknowledge my existence as long as one of their residents is around.  There are some that refuse to let me use books and resources as long as their residents are on the same rotation.  There are some that refuse to learn my name (yes, they actually told me that they refuse to learn my name…I am just shocked!). And there are those who expected me to arrive on day 1 well versed in the very subject I am here to learn, refused to teach me any basics, and run out of the room stating that they were too busy for me.  I have had many of the residents in this program compare their program to mine, and attempt to make me (and those from my program) seem inferior to them.  I’m over it.

I know that my education is not inferior to theirs, and I know this for several reasons:
1) Anyone who has to convince themselves and everyone around them that they are awesome obviously isn’t
2) I have seen them in action, and I personally am not terribly impressed
3) Their program director has told our program director personally that our residents are better, and that these residents are upset about us coming to their hospital and showing them up.

However, all of this makes it very difficult to be happy with my job and life.  It’s just frustrating, and now that I don’t feel well…I’m such a lost cause right now.  Sick days stink, because you can’t do anything awesome or productive on that day (cuz you’re sick.).  And none of the daytime television is any good.  But, at least Mr Handsome drove me all the way back home, so I can sit on a couch, with my tv on (even if it is bad tv), surfing the internet, and miserable…but home <3 p="p">

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  1. So sorry, Lauren. I know how miserable being sick can be, especially in another town. Put it all in God's hands; He has gotten you through this far. You are almost there. Too bad we have a generation of people who think life is a reality show and should be all about "head games" and control issues! You are going to be a fantastic doctor! Stay in there & remember there are people who love you & are in your corner. Vicki & Carl

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