Luck of the Irish

God MUST have a fabulous sense of humor.  There I was, just 2 days ago, complaining about the weather, feeling sorry for myself, and whining an awful lot about my job.  Today, skies are sunny and we are a fabulous 65 (!!!) degrees today, I found out that a particular someone with whom I dreaded working will not be working with me for very much longer, and I feel literally like a zombie coming back to life!  Everything turned around for me- even if for just one, blissful day.  I had the day off in preparation of being on all weekend, and I took my hubby and went to the isle for a walk.  We haven’t been able to do that for months- and it was like I was stepping out of a cave for the first time!  The humor of the whole situation doesn’t escape me- I get it, I get it.  The joke is totally and squarely on me-and my prayers have mercifully been answered!  Can’t wait to see what He’s got in store for my April Fool’s Day!  😉  Happy St. Patty’s Day!

3 thoughts on “Luck of the Irish”

  1. I'm so glad things are looking up! I know what you mean, when things are going so bad, it seems like God just gives us what we need to know that we are on the right track, and to keep moving forward. Those moments are such special blessings! I pray that things keep turning around and you can concentrate on what you have been called to do, and not other the "stuff".

  2. Super like! God is so good…I love it when things are perfectly timely like that. Really gets your attention. =D Yaaay! So glad you had such a happy day!

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