Garden Update

After a really frustrating night of call, I came home and wanted to decompress.  I went out to the back porch, and my attention turned to my little container box garden.  It’s grown so much since I’ve planted them!  I set to weeding the & removing the dried branches off of the tomato plant…and boy, did I feel so much better about my day! 

About a month ago, my tomato plant we getting unruly, so I tied it to some tomato stakes…but it’s outgrown those stakes now!  Not really sure what to do with it, or if it even needs something done to it…but it’s huge!  See?

 The one in the middle there, as high as the railing, that’s the tomato plant.  Remember my little rows of peppers??  Now there is a pepper plant in each of the other containers, and they’re so much bigger, too!

And look!  My pepper plants are making teeny tiny peppers!!  And I have baby tomatoes, too!  It’s working!  Here’s my little organic garden!  And it’s not dead yet!  If I can do it, anyone can have a garden, too 🙂

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  1. Lauren:We found out that the more water you pour to your peppers, the sweeter they are. Withhold water and the hotter they are. Vicki

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