First Anniversary!

Mr. Handsome & I just celebrated our first anni on Monday, and it was wonderful!  Since it was our first anni, we wanted it to be extra special.  I put on my rehearsal dinner dress and some of my wedding jewelry, and he put on his vest and tie from the big day.  I set our table like the one at the reception, and I made shrimp and grits, fried green tomatoes, and a field greens salad with a goat cheese fritter, just like our lunch at the reception a year ago!  We had frozen our top tier of our wedding cake, and I wrapped it in 10 layers of saran, 3 layers of foil, then put it in air-tight tupperware, and then wrapped the tupperware in 10 more layers of saran- it tasted exactly like it did 1 year ago!  It was not dry, it had no freezer burn or ice crystals!  I had 2 pieces that night, and then 2 more pieces last night!  What can I say?  How many times do you get to eat your wedding cake at your first anniversary??  Am I right?  😉

Anyway, Hubby put the soundtrack to our wedding on during dinner and then we danced to “Our song” afterward…I tell you what- it had me in a few nostalgic tears before the end of the evening!  Has it already been one whole year?  Where did the time go?!  It feels like just yesterday, we were in Savannah, surrounded by our family and friends, and just embarking on our brand-new marriage.  I told Handsome we were just an old married couple from here on out, and don’t you know what that sweet boy said?  “We’ll always be newlyweds in my eyes.”  He is such a sweetie pie!

This past weekend was a busy one, too- I redecorated our living room, cleaned house, and made grape jam and apple butter (from the apples from Georgia!).  It turns out, I love canning.  I really am an 85 year old woman in a 27 year old’s body!  Might as well call me Myrtle, or Ethel, or Marge…

Pictures/recipes/etc to come in the next post!

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