Biscoff vs. Peanut Butter

Last week, I whipped up a batch of dark chocolate whole wheat brownies- which were delicious by themselves.  I, however, love to top my brownies with peanut butter…I know, I know.  But it’s delicious!!  Then, one of our friends let us in on a little tip: Biscoff spread.  It is a peanut-butter-like spread made from (get this) crunchy cinnamon cookies!  It’s addictive, and (warning!) it WILL ruin your diet.  Fair warning.

So, naturally, the only scientific thing to do is a side-by-side comparison: Biscoff vs. Peanut Butter.  Here they are:

 The Biscoff spread is marketed as a “peanut butter alternative,” but be aware: it is loaded with sugar, and actually made from cookies.  It’s delicious.

Here are the above-mentioned dark chocolate whole wheat brownies:

 And here they are: Chunky Peanut Butter on the left, and Biscoff on the right:

Both were delicious; the Biscoff was sweeter, almost like a frosting for the brownies, but the peanut butter had that salty-sweet thing going on.  It was a tie!  Don’t make me choose.  I can’t do it!

So, if you can find Biscoff at your supermarket, give it a whirl.  If it’s not at your local store, you can also buy it at Amazon, but it will be 3 times the cost at the supermarket.  But it’s good.  Real good.

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