Beer- a valuable ingredient!

Cooking with alcohol can be a little tricky, but I think there isn’t an easier way to add depth and complexity to a dish than a splash of wine.  I’ve pour dessert liquors over ice cream and added rum to my Jamaican Coconut Lime Banana Bread; I sprayed brandy over a gingersnap-encrusted Christmas ham.  I’ve used wine for deglazing many a pan or as the base for a fabulous mushroom red wine sauce to adorn a grilled steak, and white wine is the secret to a heavenly risotto; but I’ve really only made beer bread with beer.  As it turns out, there is much more than bread that beer can embellish.  This is especially useful since Mr. Handsome is a beer fan (he’s probably a connoisseur, but I know he thinks people would think he was a snob if they knew, lol).  Our fridge in the garage (yes, we have two fridges!!  AND a chest freezer!!) is basically his beer fridge- and he loves many varieties.  This evening, I’ve just  run across an article for the best way to cook with beer, and it comes with some surprising recipes!  Beer as an Ingredient

Now, I realize that many people I was raised with are not drinkers.  I’m pretty sure my own grandmother would be appalled to hear me admit that I do enjoy a glass of wine about twice a week.  I guess there still exists a stigma for those from the prohibition era.  However, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that a glass of wine every night is absolutely beneficial to your health- decreasing risk factors for heart attacks and strokes!  I feel like everybody has at least heard this by now.  I still don’t adhere to a glass every night, but I do enjoy one or two glasses a week.  And I recommend all my patients, do, too!  Cheers!  🙂

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