I Claim Temporary Insanity

I have no idea what is going on with me lately, but I have simply lost my brain.  I’ve misplaced it.  If I am doing something not work related, I may or may not have any recollection of what I’ve done or where I’ve placed something.  This has been going on for a couple of weeks.  Last week, I forgot my phone when I went to work twice, and this is major!  I never forget my phone because I LIVE on it at work!  It’s crucial to my day, and I forgot it not once, but twice!!  I’ve misplaced my keys dozens of times, even though I have specific spots that these go.

I forgot my pager last week, too- which is absolutely also crucial at work.  Especially if I am on call- this is how they get ahold of me at work.  I was on call yesterday, and at home, and I went to turn on my pager (because my call started in 5 minutes), and I could not find my pager!  In a frenzy, I dumped out all of the contents of my purse and found nothing!  I was starting to have a hissy fit (because I’m in big trouble if they try to page me when I’m on call and I don’t respond).  Chris sees me getting all amped up, and he decided to help, he looks at the purse and reaches in.  Sitting on the very top is my pager.  How did I not see it?!?!  I have lost my ever-loving mind!!!

Then, I forgot to bring my work shoes to work last Friday, which resulted in me borrowing a pair from our Stroke Nurse!  Who forgets their shoes?!?  I looked like a mess with my blue scrubs, hot pink argyle socks, and her metallic blue ballet flats!!  Um, embarrassing.  Straight up embarrassing.  Not everyone in the hospital needed to know about my hot pink and lime green argyle socks.  But whatever.

Then, an all time low came last night while I’m on call.  We do take our call at home.  So, I’m getting ready to leave the hospital at 11 PM, and I get in the car, put my stuff down (purse, white coat, pager, phone), and crank the car.  Then, I spy a ticket on my car (OH not-ah!!), so I go to grab it.  As I reach for it, it strikes me that the car door might be locked (and it would really stink to get locked out).  A split second too late, the door barely catches in the frame as my hand grips the handle- and it’s locked.  WITH THE CAR STILL RUNNING.  Here I am, 11 o’clock at night, in the parking garage, looking like something the cat dragged in, and I am locked outside of my car while the engine is running, and my pager and cellphone are inside the car. SERIOUSLY?!?!

So I left my car running and went back into the hospital.  I had to call Mr. Handsome to bring my spare key.  Luckily, it being a small and relatively safe city, no one stole my sitting duck of a running-car-left-unattended.  Fifteen minutes later, Mr. Handsome arrived on his trusty white steed (or white 4-runner, same difference), and I was on my way home.  As my head hit the pillow, I was called right back into the hospital for a stat stroke alert, meaning someone was having a stroke, within the 3 hour window needed to give the clot-buster. So, back to the hospital…where I stayed, getting only an hour of sleep all night.

I have no idea where my brain has gone.  As long as I’m at work- I am on point.  I don’t miss much when it comes to work. All my I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed; I am very detail oriented.  I am a type A personality at work, but I am totally Type B at home.  But even with that in mind, I am more disorganized with my personal life as of late.  I think I also need a new purse with more pockets so that I can find keys, pagers, phones, lipgloss, etc without upending the whole thing.  Lol, everyone at work thinks I’m preggers, and Mom does too.  (I’m not- not yet, folks)  Meanwhile, one of my work colleagues handed me a prescription for a dementia medicine!  Lol!!  I’m glad other people can laugh too- ‘cuz otherwise, I’d start to just get too embarrassed about my apparent lack of memory/attention!  Plus, these stories are too good not to share!  😉

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