A Day Off

Finally, a day off.  Of course, my hubby is on call today/tonight…and I am working tomorrow.  Again, we don’t get to see each other.  I think it’s been almost 4 weeks since we’ve even had a full day off together.  It’s  so hard to have a marriage when you don’t see each other, and I get sad about how much we work sometimes.  It doesn’t help that there are like a million movies on today with the central thesis being “Don’t work so hard you miss out of life and love.” 

On the bright side, I am so thankful I even found my hubby- especially when I think about how many moves, states, schools, and miles later it took to get me where I am today.  And even though we don’t see each other very frequently anymore, I am so thankful we live in the same house, and for the moments we do have together!  This would be infinitely more difficult if I didn’t at least see him for a few minutes each day before we both crash!  I couldn’t imagine how much more I would miss him if we lived in different cities, states, or whatever- I admire those who have done and are doing the long distance thing with their spouses!  I have always considered myself an independent woman, but I realize now how much I have depended on him through medical school and residency for so many things- he’s my best friend; and we’ve seen each other through some very, very challenging times.  We have both said we couldn’t have made it (through med school) without the support of the other, and I feel that extends into every aspect of my life.  God couldn’t have crafted a more sweet, understanding spouse for me.  God is so, so good.

So…what did I do with my day off??  I organized my recipes into a recipe file.  Things were getting a little out of control around here…I have foodie mags everywhere and random recipes filed away, in, and under everything.  It was starting to become a little embarrassing.  So, I wrote down my favorite recipes from each magazine or I copied them onto recipe cards from the scrap paper I’d written them on, and put them into a recipe file box.  Much, much better.  Now I don’t have to flip through countless magazines/books/drawers in order to find my recipes!  And I can recycle those papers and magazines instead of having them collect dust!

Yesterday I was post call, but I started my own organic “garden.”  I bought large containers for my patio and filled them with my plants!  I have a tomato plant, 2 strawberry plants, and 4 varieties of peppers: serrano, jalapeno, hot banana, and sweet banana peppers.  I have never grown veggies in containers before, so I guess we’ll see what turns up!  I am looking forward to hopefully lots of veggies/fruits! 

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  1. Hint — the more water you pour to the peppers, the sweeter, milder they are. Withhold water, hotter they are. Vicki

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