Cayenne Pepper

Apparently, eating spicy foods may help to lose weight!!  Especially if you typically like bland foods (don’t know why anyone like anything bland…), if you switch to a spicy meal, it can help those people to eat less food at the meal!  Here’s the New York Times article:
Spicy Subject

It also mentions that adding vegetable purees to beef up sauces and add to entrees helps to cut calories and increase the nutritive value of each meal. It has been dubbed “Volumetrics,” and the central thesis says that it is essentially like diluting the calories in the meal without sacrificing flavor.  They conducted a study in unknowing diners to whom they served dishes with vegetable purees, and some diners received the regular menu item.  Taste was apparently not affected by the addition of, say, cauliflower puree to the cheese sauce in a macaroni and cheese entree.  Interesting.

At work, I have begun what looks like a month filled with night shifts…so I’ve got to turn into a night owl (for now.).  I’m not good at that, since my body’s kinda picky and likes to sleep at night.  I guess it’s only for one month, though, so there’s that!  The bride of an upcoming wedding requested for me to throw her a bridal shower, so that is this Saturday.  I had sort of last minute notice (about 1 month head’s up), so I have been struggling to pull together a beautiful shower, but I think I’ve pulled it off!  I have made cake pops that are absolutely adorable- pics and recipes to come.  Later that same day, I have to drive 3 hours away for a different wedding of a different friend, so it’s going to be a busy weekend!  I am looking forward to it!

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