32 Weeks!

Already, we’re at 32 weeks!  Time is flying!!  I did skip last week, because I actually stayed in out of town last weekend~ we had our Baby shower!  So, 2 weeks ago, I went to the doctor, and he said everything looks good- baby’s heart, weight, movements, etc.- all good.  He did mention, however, that I am no longer allowed to run because of the strain it is putting on my back/hip joint.  I am allowed to still take walks, swim, and do yoga, but I’ve been told to take it relatively easy (something that doesn’t come naturally to me).

Our shower was fabulous, put on by my sweet friend.  It was a co-ed baby shower, which I have never seen before- but it was so much fun!  It was at an Italian restaurant for lunch, where we ate, played shower games, ate cake, and opened gifts!  Our friends were there, and it was so good to see them (it had been years in some cases).  Here’s a few pics:

It was superhero themed, which was perfect!  My friend made superhero suckers as party favors:

 The delicious shower cake!  It was one of Mr. Handsome’s favorites: chocolate and vanilla swirled!  And superman on top, of course, with hubby’s favorite bid for our boy’s name: Bruce Wayne (that will NOT be his name).

 The guests wrote words of wisdom on newborn diapers!

 It was so sweet and so special, we both had a great time, and have such sweet friends.  We miss them!

So, that brings us up to 31 weeks.  Then, this past week, Mr. Handsome came to stay with me for some of the week (it was so nice to have his company!).

As far as how I’m feeling…I am doing pretty well most of the time!  I have an impressive amount of swelling in my legs, even with the compression stockings, because they have me sitting all day at the office.  I wore sandals one evening, and in that small amount of time, my sandals left an imprint on my foot!  I didn’t even recognize my feet anymore!!  See:

Other than that, things are pretty good!  Yesterday was our childbirth class, which was pretty good, if for nothing else than to help hubby understand his new role of Daddy instead of doctor (quite a difference, indeed).

We’ve been working on the nursery lots lately, with pics to come soon!  We still have to pick a crib, since the one we had chosen before arrived smashed.  Other than that, we’re in pretty good shape 🙂

Tomorrow is another doctor’s appointment (they are every 2 weeks now- we’re getting down to the wire!), so I’m gonna ask if I’m swelling too much (it’s more than I’ve seen on most pregnant women!).  I might’ve just inherited terrible varicose veins 🙁  Here’s us at 32 weeks:

32 Weeks at-a-glance:

Produce of the week: squash!

Baby weighs: about 4 pounds, give or take.

Cravings/Aversions: It’s interesting, now that I’m in Pittsburgh, the same smells that made me nauseous in my first trimester still make me nauseous now!  I wonder if it stays that way after I deliver?  These smells include old frying oil (common in the restaurants), cleaning products.  Craving ice cream, which is absolutely no different from non-pregnant me!

Baby is:  moving SOOOO much.  Huge kicks, rolls, barrel-rolls…he’s a mover and shaker!

Pounds gained: 35-40.  I can hardly believe that!  Feels like so much!

Miles walked: falling off the bandwagon here, at only 6 this past week

Daddy-to-be: refinishing a changing table!  Looking good!

Baby Name chosen: none.  Gotta get working in this department.

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  1. Do you have a gift registry anywhere for BW? Know you are excited! We were in Dallas yesterday. Angie can't seem to stay out of the baby dept! She said she needed to get everything mailed soon! Love you all! Vicki & Carl

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