29 Weeks

Oh, my goodness.  It’s my last week in the 20’s.  And I’m just getting so…huge.  I’ve just returned from a conference for neurology in San Diego, California, where it was sunny and 65 degrees every day.  And…here it’s snowing, 5 inches of snow still left over from before the trip, and supposedly getting 4 more inches of snow overnight tonight.  It’s only 27 degrees right now.  Did Mother Nature not get the memo that it’s spring?  This part of the country doesn’t have pretty springs, unfortunately.  Which is why it was so nice to escape to a warmer, milder climate.  But I have no desire whatsoever to go to work tomorrow!

Flying was a challenge being as pregnant as I am.  For one thing, people cannot help themselves but stare.  Which is, in and of itself, pretty awkward.  But then, others cannot help but make a comment.  The most common question I got was, “How far along are you?”  When I replied just over 7 months, there were two types of responses: women typically said, “Oh, you look great!  You don’t even look 7 months!”  Meanwhile, men typically responded with, “Wow, really?” or “Are you having twins?” or my favorite, “I thought you could have that baby any day!  You’ve got a long way to go!”  Usually, they back away slowly once they realize that what they said kinda insinuates that I am, well, huge, which I find hilarious, because I AM huge.  And I DO have a long way to go, and will get even BIGGER, if that’s imaginable!

Sitting for any period of time becomes uncomfortable, be it driving to the airport, sitting in my seat on the plane, or even just sitting at a terminal.  I found my back would start to ache, especially if I couldn’t get up and walk.  But other than that, I fared pretty well for travel!

I managed to walk quite a lot while in San Diego, which was good for me, but hard on my feet and legs, which are swelling beyond recognition.  I do have my fashionable compression hose that have now become a wardrobe staple for me.  They’re not easy to wear with sandals, though, so I probably didn’t wear them as much as I needed to this last week.

Here are some pretty pics of San Diego:

 This is Laguna Beach

 Hotel Del Coronado, which looks like a sandcastle.  Coronado Island had the softest, most powdery sand!

 The tidepools at Point Loma:

 Here’s a closeup: you can see the crabs, and 3 sea anemones:

 The Cove at La Jolla:

Here are a couple of pics that I will probably use as my maternity pics, because it’s so much prettier there for pics than it is here:

 So there you have it, my sweet week!!  I am glad to be home with my puppies again, but I do have to leave tomorrow for another week of being out of town on rotation.  Five more weeks.  Ugh.  I just want to be home, with my hubby, with my puppies, and able to do all of the nesting I’ve been wanting (and needing) to do!!

I am looking forward to our crib being delivered this week, as well as our rug for the nursery!  It’s time to get the nursery ready for baby!!

Week 29 at a glance:

Baby is as big as: an acorn squash!

Baby weighs: ~3 pounds

Miles flown with baby this week: ~5,000!!!  Woof! No wonder we’re so exhausted!

Number of baby names picked out: None, still not any closer than we were several months ago!

Things I will miss about being pregnant: feeling the kicks and movements of my baby boy, eating ice cream and burgers without (as much) guilt, Hubby kissing or touching my belly, Hubby cleaning the bathrooms and taking the puppies out to potty for me (he doesn’t want me to fall on the ice!), Hubby rubbing my back, elastic pants, a built-in excuse to perpetually put my feet up

Things I will NOT miss about pregnancy: not being able to eat lunch meat, bacon, sushi, raw cookie dough, or drink a glass of wine (although I don’t miss this one as much as I thought I would), not being able to fit into my entire closet full of clothes, and all of the bloodwork/lab tests, the back pain, not being able to work out really hard (I know, but I do really miss it!!)

Days until my due date:  75!!!

Days I have been pregnant:  205.  woof.

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  1. I know some people don't believe it will help, but I went each week to a chiropractor when pg with Morgan. Never had any back problems! Try it — it helps! I know you are both excited. We are, too. Love you all. Still waiting for word on scheduling appt at MD Anderson. Prayers, please. Love, Carl & Vicki

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