28 Weeks

Woof, late posting!  Last Friday marked 28 weeks on this journey- it’s really going quickly.  I feel like just yesterday I was in my first trimester, and now we’re at 3rd trimester!  I’m also starting to realize that in about 12 weeks, I’m going to actually have a baby- and I haven’t spent any time getting a nursery ready!!  I have to have a place to actually put the baby and take care of him, after all.  We’re starting to get really excited about his appearance- and we need to pick out a name!

I’m also starting to suddenly feel really, really pregnant.  It’s kind of obvious at this point I think…especially with my waddle when I get up to walk around.  Putting on my shoes, rolling out of bed, and getting out of cars or up off of the floor are proving to be more like Olympic events with each passing day…and Mr. Handsome tells me every day I look a little bit bigger, sometimes even bigger at night versus the morning!  (He does, also, couch that comment by saying that I look gorgeous…lol, or I’d probably be mad about “getting bigger!”).  My legs have been swelling lots, so I’ve had to wear compression stockings, which seems to help a little bit, and put my feet up whenever I can.  I guess I’m lucky to be on a rotation where I mostly am sitting down…but after a while, regardless of whatever postion I’ve been in, sitting, standing, laying down…it all becomes uncomfortable.  I’ve also noticed I have to get up in the middle of the night to pee again (hello, first trimester), and sometimes I just take a minute to walk around.

Baby boy is kicking so much these days!  As of 28 weeks, I am now supposed to count the number of kicks within 2 hours.  He moves so much, though, that he usually achieves 10 kicks within a few minutes!!  I’ve also been simply amazed watching my whole belly change shape with his movements!  It’s so bizzarre, but it’s comforting to know he’s active and healthy.  Mr. Handsome finally saw him move from the outside this past week- and I think he was just in awe also.  Plus, he loves aliens and this is sort of like having an alien in my belly.

Last Friday also marked another Dr’s appointment, where I got the results of my blood sugar test, anemia test, blood pressure, and weight check.  Now, recall that I had been very nervous about the results of my blood sugar test- I was afraid my blood sugar had plummeted after such a sugar high on an empty stomach.  Nothing but happy news to report, though, she said all of my bloodwork, blood pressure, weight check and everything all looked “perfect!”  which, of course, made me feel much, much better.  From here on out, my appointments are going to be every two weeks…which means…I’m getting closer to having this baby!!!

Here’s week 28 snapshot:
Baby is as big as an:  eggplant, again?  Maybe a bigger eggplant?
Cravings/Aversions:  None either way, really.
Excited about: upcoming vacation with Mr. Handsome!
Nervous about: flying in my third trimester
Pounds gained thus far: 30 (and climbing…woof)
Miles walked this week: 12 miles (and getting slower every day)
Kick count:  too many to count!  I think he is learning ninja moves in there!!
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