18 weeks

Woof!!  What a week!  Last week, my actual 18th week, was not too bad though.  Actually, I was really feeling great!  My morning sickness is pretty much over and I was able to eat good, hearty meals at last.

I had my monthly OB appointment, where they said they were happy to see I was finally gaining weight (ummmm….5 pounds in 1 week, thank you, Christmas at Mom’s house!).  I’m trying to focus this week on eating the right things to gain weight…but, boy it’s tough when those cravings hit!

I started walking again this week, which makes me feel better overall, too.  So, like I said, I was doing pretty well!

Then, this weekend hit.  Oh man, did it hit.

Saturday night, I started feeling really, really nauseous all at once.  At first, I thought it was just my morning sickness rearing its ugly head again, but it was so vicious, I knew it had to be more than just morning sickness.  It turns out I had come down with the stomach flu- so bad, I had to go to the hospital with Mr. Handsome for IV fluids and medicine so that I wouldn’t continue to dehydrate.  Sunday, Hubby was on call at the hospital, so I basically slept all day, in and out of fevers.  Today, I woke up feeling a little better, but now my stomach flu has morphed into the regular flu with drippy noses, coughs, muscle pain, and chills.  Ugh!!  Even so, I am already so much better off than I was on saturday night/sunday. As of today, I am able to eat some light foods again and now have to drink all the fluids I can tolerate, to wash out these bugs!  Worst of it is, there aren’t many options for sick pregnant ladies.  You kinda just have to suffer through.  So, I’ve gone through 2 boxes of Kleenexes in a singular day, mainly because I can’t take anything much to stop the dripping.

So, aside from my exhausting weekend, I think it’s starting to sink in that OMG!!! We’re gonna have a baby!  And soon, too- in just a few months!  I am also really excited for spring, to see the sun and pretty flowers, to hear the birds chirping; too bad for me that winter has just arrived, lol.  Up here, it will be a good 4 more months before spring.  My biggest concern with winter is potentially slipping and falling on the ice, especially since I’m clumsy with winter/ice/snow.

This week’s stats:

Baby is as big as a: mango!

Food aversions/cravings:  fewer aversions, lots of cravings!  This week, I wanted oranges and clementines, pineapple, roasted chicken.  Yum!

Weight gained: 10 pounds total!

The puppies: Sassy is always so worried when I’m sick, she just curls up on my tummy and doesn’t leave my side.  Buddy is more independent, he just keeps me within eyeshot.

Hubby: Deserves a medal, or a trophy, or even a cuddle after taking me to the ER for several hours right before working a 24 hour shift!

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