19 Weeks

We’re 19 weeks!  Almost halfway there- and here’s hoping that the second half of this pregnancy is smoother/easier than the first half!  Within this past week, as I hinted on last week’s post, I came down with the stomach flu- but it turned last Monday into the upper respiratory flu/pneumonia.  Really?!  Who gets both types of flu in one week?!  I was completely exhausted by the end of this week- and needed the restful weekend we had.

I have been feeling the baby move a little stronger- and it’s the weirdest feeling.  It’s like having a fishbowl in my tummy!  Mr. Handsome felt his first kick from the outside of my belly tonight- although it was so light, it was more like a whisper than a kick.  Exciting nonetheless!

I’m getting really anxious to find out the gender of this baby!!!  I have absolutely no clue one way or the other as to what it might be, and it’s not until the 31st of this month that we’re scheduled for our ultrasound.  Feels like lightyears away from now!  

I feel like I’m starting to look a little more “pregnant” and less chubby this week:

This week’s stats:

Baby is the size of a: banana!

Food Aversions/Cravings: Although my diet consisted mostly of gatorade earlier this week, I was craving soup and citrus when my cold hit.  I always crave very spicy soup when I have a cold/flu.  Not much in the way of aversions this week (but some heartburn was new!).  The citrus was a surprise!  I almost never crave oranges, clementines, grapefruit, etc., but if that’s what baby wants…

Baby moves the most: after eating!!  He or she loves a full belly to tap dance all over!

Looking forward to: finding out the gender in a couple more weeks!  I am wanting to do a little bit of shopping 🙂  Plus, the planner in me wants to plan!

Hubby: is starting to realize how our lives will change with a baby, lol

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