16 Weeks

So, this post is a little late… it’s actually for last week, even though I’m posting it in a new week, lol.  Made it to 16 weeks and Christmas!  Our holidays have been so busy…so tough this year to get everything done (in fact, I haven’t).  Some things, I’ve just gotta let go, like not baking all my cookies this year.  Other things, I’ve got to get in gear and do, like wrapping all of my presents!  I just finished my Christmas shopping yesterday, finally.  I have always loved Christmastime, but it just feels like a little work this year, which I hate.  I think it’s cuz I’m still not feeling 100% maybe…

The Christmas tree is finally decorated as of last week, here are some pics of our tree!  Keep in mind, it’s only 4 feet tall, but maybe it’s a small step up from Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.  We have been collecting a special ornament every year since we got married, so here are some pictures of our special ornaments thus far, too.  We’re still looking for our special ornament for this year!

 We got these stockings from Pottery Barn; I think I am gonna pick up 2 more at some point.

 This was our special ornament from last year 2011- a pretty glass pinecone

 This was our special ornament from 2010 after we got married 😉

 I made these pinecone ornaments last year after I decided our tree looked anemic…I just bought a bag of pinecones and painted the edges white and rolled them in glitter; they’re attached to the tree with ribbon loops 🙂

 This is one of a set of 3 soldiers, which my dad gave to me after a trip to Denmark!

I love all of these pretty things 🙂

In other news, after my cousin in Japan gave birth to her baby, I wanted to send something to her, as did other family members.  If she was living here, I would have wanted to give her a baby shower, but it just wasn’t feasible over the distance.  So, we sent her a Baby Shower in a Box instead!  The box included a baby book and a gift card from each person, which were wrapped in pretty pink paper.  A single mylar balloon was included in the box, so that when they cut open the box, a balloon floats out to greet them!  We included shower games that would still be fun to play by yourself, and even favors.  Since she named her sweet baby Madeline, I baked madeleine cookies to include.

 The whole box was lined with pink tissue paper, to add to the fun!

 Above is a picture of the shower games and, in the distance, the wrapped books.

 Here are the madeleine cookies!  If you’ve never had them, they’re like little pound cake bites when they’re fresh.  I’ve never had them not fresh, honestly, because they don’t last long around our house.  Especially since I used Julia Child’s recipe!

Above is the finished product 🙂

Here’s the link for the fabulous cookies!

And, here’s the 16 week photo!

Last week brought more morning sickness, somehow.  I called the OB, who said it was normal, even though I am in my second trimester.  Ugh.  I can’t wait for that to be done.  Otherwise, I’ve also been starving…and since this kid can apparently hear me, I asked him or her to please make up his or her mind.  He or she cannot have it both ways…I cannot be sick and starving at the same time.  Obviously, this kid didn’t get the memo, or maybe just isn’t listening.

You can see my growing belly in the picture!  That’s my Christmas dress, too.  If I look tired in this pic, it’s because I am absolutely exhausted!  All the Christmas parties, decorating, and shopping has me utterly beat!

Last week’s stats:

total weight gained: 4 pounds

food aversions/cravings: please no onions, garlic, or meat.  But all the Christmas cookies have been a big hit!  Balsamic Vinegar, I think I could just drink it right now.   And I really loved marinated olives last week!

Baby is the size of:  an onion (gross)

Cute hubby move of the week: Brought me some fro yo!

the dogs:  clueless, still.

Have a Merry Christmas!!

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