Yoga and Yogurt

Oh, today is one of those crazy days.  I am on call {again}.  Although, having completed my workouts in the AM all week has proved to be worth it and helped with some very stressful situations!  This morning, I did a Jillian Michaels “Shred it Weights” workout (killer), and then a Yoga “Zen in your Den” workout.  I gotta admit, I never thought of myself as a Yogi, but since I’ve been doing yoga (about 6 months), I really can tell that I take that peacefulness with me throughout my day!  It’s making a huge difference!  Haha, I have got to admit I also love to dance, and I’m looking for a good dance style workout for one of my mornings.  Yesterday, I stumbled upon one such workout…which in the end turned out to be a little hoochie-mama-esque!  I just couldn’t stick with that one, LOL.  I was laughing too hard!!! 

As of today, I am finished with Nephrology, and begin Cardiology next week, with a couple of call nights in between.  Of all my various rotations, I think Nephrology has been my favorite.  My attending really spent a lot of time teaching, which is, sadly, rare.  I got so much out of it!  I hear Cardiology is good for teaching also, but very very very busy.  Like, 16 hour days + call with no post-call-benefits-busy.  Yikes. 

And now, a few notes about…Yogurt!!  I looooove me some yogurt.  Love it!  This has been a metamorphosis, as well- I’ll explain.  At first, I only loved the sugary pre-flavored stuff.  Y’know, like yoplait or Dannon.  I was on the Dannon Light n’ Fit train for a while…until I met Fage.  It’s greek yogurt.  It’s impossibly thick.  Amazingly rich.  Incredibly creamy.  And totally allowed.  Last fall, I was first introduced to it, and I thought it was good, but at some points, sour.  Now, it’s all I will eat.  8 whole ounces are so satisfying for breakfast with granola, honey, blackberries, and blueberries.  Absolutely indulgent~but totally kosher with the SD.  Love!!  I have yet to try it with fresh cut strawberries, but I am looking forward to that when they are in season.  Even just with honey- yum!  Mix it up with whatever you like, and see what happens! 

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