Woof!! What a day!

My poor Sassy girl’s foot is broken!! 🙁

She is so little (she’s only 4 pounds!), and she gets underfoot so often that Mr. Handsome nicknamed her “Sassy Underfoot.”  Yesterday, she got under Chris’ foot, and her tiny itty bitty baby foot bone snapped!  She actually walked on it fine last night, but this morning, when I finally got home post-call, I found her foot all swollen (it looked broken!)  & I called hubby at work.  He said it wasn’t that swollen this morning, and she still walked on it, but by now, it’s a different story.  He came home and we both took her to the vet- they had never met both of us at the same time before, lol- and they did xrays, and found her tiny broken bone.  Then I had to LEAVE her there (!!!) while the gave her a little anasthesia and splinted it.  They said she may wake up by this afternoon, but I may have to leave her overnight (!!!).

Thankfully, she was awake enough for me to pick her up tonight, and I’ve got her home with me now!  My tough girl- you’d never know she had a broken bone the way she is running around the house!  I think she was still in some pain, so I gave her some shavings from an ibuprofen tablet (I didn’t want to overdose her), and she seems to be comfortable enough to rest now from her big day.

The vet also said that when dogs break a bone, it’s typically more painful and swollen the 2nd day, rather than the day that it actually happened…weird, but it was true for Sassy!  So now we’ve nicknamed her “Sassy Peg Leg,” because of the way the splint makes her walk.  On the bright side, we could pull the splint back out for Halloween and make her a pirate!  🙂

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