Ok, so I know I’ve not been the best team player when it comes to Erie.  I know, I know.  I promise not to complain this whole post-promise!! BUT, just so everyone knows I’m not crazy, here’s a recent Gallup Poll which states that Erie is the 4th most depressed city in U.S.  I’m exonerated, a little.  I feel sure that I have 7 good reasons why people are depressed here: all 7 months of winter!

That said, I’ve decided that I complain entirely too much about this whole situation.  Gotta appreciate what you’ve got while you’ve got it!  I’ve decided that it would behoove me to start a list of things I love/ would miss terribly about Erie:
1. Presque Isle beaches in the summer and winter
2. All the fabulous farms & farmer’s markets around here!
3. Not really traffic to speak of, ‘cuz it’s small
4. Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets (when you can see them, lol)
5. Waldameer was so much fun!!  (Yes, I’m still hoarse from screaming on those rides!)
6. Taco Tuesdays at 1201
7. All of the free concert series in the summer (almost every day of the week!)
8. Walking on the bay at Presque Isle with my 2 puppies
9. Fresh blueberries for pies/jams!!
10. Stunning fall leaves
11. Apple Picking and fresh apple cider
12. McGarrey’s Irish food
13. Sarah’s onion rings and burgers
14. Whole Foods Co-Op!! Seriously love this grocery!
15. Pretty (albeit late) Springs
16. close to 3 major cities in 3 different states- Pitt, Cleveland, Buffalo
17. Rosa’s Legacy (Sadly, it closed)- Dominican restaurant extraordinaire
18. Wine Nights with friends
19. Snowshoeing
20. Toronto is only 3 hours away!!
21. Casablanca Grill

Things I am definitely going to try while I’m here:
1. Skiing (I might as well.  If you can’t beat it…)
2. Snowboarding
3. Sailing/Boating on the lake
4. Ice fishing…?  Maybe?  Hello…?  Bueller?  Bueller?
5. Those annoying (but maybe awesome) 4 person bikes at P.I.
6. All of the restaurants. Yep, All of ’em!
7. Go back to Toronto
8. I have yet to build a snowman/make snow angels here!!  How is this possible?!

In light of the above, I’ve decided that Erie’s pretty great.  I’m going to embrace the winters- or risk being depressed…again! And since the snow can start as early as October, and that’s only 2 months away, it’s game time!!!

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