Vegan Week

This Detox Diet is out of control.  It is so restrictive.  We cheated day 2 and ordered pizza and drank wine.  Here’s why: the first solid week is totally vegan.  Um, what?!  That’s a totally new realm for me!  No cheese, no meat, no eggs.  Nothing that isn’t a plant or plant-based protein.  So, all we’ve had since Monday (overlooking the pizza/wine fiasco) is nuts and veggies.  Grains aren’t even allowed right now.

Let me tell you- it’s darn hard to come up with satisfying meals like this!!  Also, I’ve never craved meat and cheese so much in my entire life.  I mean, these cravings are downright invasive!!! I am sooooo not ever gonna be a vegetarian/vegan.  Ever.  Nope.  No.

Not only are the cravings terrible and we’re starving all the time, we’re actually doing what the diet was meant to do- detoxing.  And all of the lovely side effects that come with it- headaches, grumpiness, etc.  Well, at least I do.  Hubby manages to skate through this detox without a single migraine.  WhatEVER.  Speaking of the side effects, by the way, the article did warn us about them, and we knowingly still went ahead with it?!?!  Whose dumb idea was this anyway?!

Lol!  On the upside, I think I may have finally turned a corner (and eaten all of the peanut butter in the house).  I finally have enough energy that I am not totally drained after my workout, and I really am sleeping better!  And I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing to lay off all the meat, cheese, and grains for a week after the holidays, I’m just whining because all of that holiday food was so GOOD!

That said, my momma told me about another detox diet, which looks similar in philosophy but way better recipes: from Bon Appetit.  They call it the Food Lover’s Cleanse, and you can find it here.  I still like the vegan week, but we may add in some of the recipes from this Bon Appetit cleanse next week!

For some inspiration for this vegan week, I looked to Indian and African Cultures- so many are vegetarians!  I made steamed veggies yesterday with a peanut satay sauce, and today I made the African Peanut Stew I’ve posted about before, but left out the chicken.  Lots and lots of peanuts.  So many peanuts. Good thing I love them!  We’ve had lots of salads, some soups, lots of avocados, lots of olive oil, and every day starts with a smoothie (yummy!).  And all of the foods have been really flavorful, I just am ready for some chicken, or salmon, or a steak!!!

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